Dryden Update: Do Good

It’s been well over six months since the last update.

The blog has been populated in that time, but not as frequently as in the last year or so. This window of opportunity is presented to offer something of an update on how things have been and how things are.

The tutoring went fairly well in the first half of the year. I enjoy doing the tutoring and hope I get to do it some more in the coming academic year. There have been opportunities to serve with the Word that have been thoroughly refreshing and humbling. Relationships have opened up that are tremendously renewing and necessarily challenging

The Dryden Blog Conversation keeps trucking on with much thanks to my brother. That’s a source of great inspiration for me to consider further what it is that I believe and why I believe it. On my brother’s part, his questions are brilliant and the responses he offers to what I pose him are of a standard that I admire greatly.

The big development in the past few months has been applying some of the word into areas other than writing the blog. There has been developing content on the YouTube channel. That’s been a delightful learning experience so far. The more I produce is the more I’m aware that there is so much more to learn, apply and improve on. It’s better to start and improve than to keep putting it off.

That experience has actually given me the desire to produce more audio content and I am hoping to develop that in the coming weeks and months.

In all that I’m doing, there is a drive to be focused on the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. From that there is an urge to create Kingdom content that will benefit others in their walk with Jesus.

That quest to do what God calls is also driven by two words – do good. It’s not enough to think about it or talk about it. It’s more to do it and encourage others on the journey. I’m grateful to be surrounded by saints who in various ways desire to abide and abound in Christ which is about that doing good stuff.

The desire is to carry across Christ by the life-changing word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit. Good is defined by what is in line with Him and His Word. I’m not in it to just do good for goodness’ sake. I’m in it to do good for God’s sake.

God continues to do so much for me and my household. Times are changing, the family are growing and it remains so important to treasure what happens whilst not getting hung up on it at the cost of fresh opportunities.

In the last update, I expressed the need for your help. Thank you for your prayers,they make a difference.

Peter encourages his readers in his last letter to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. That’s an encouragement form a man who knew what he was talking about when it came to growth. My desire is to take this brother at his word and look to grow. I hope you’ll grow too so that more and more we’ll become like Jesus Christ.

Until we reach that, let’s keep going and growing …

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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