March With The Minors

March 2019 saw the blog explore the so-called Minor Prophets. It was a journey of discovery – Why was Nahum so hung up with Nineveh? Who would have thought Habakkuk and Malachi would have that kind of reflective relationship? Is Jonah really the worst of all time? Haggai and his house building priorities was not appreciated like this before. As for Zechariah … wowsers.

That was just some of the things touched on in this series. By no means presenting itself as a thorough comprehensive study of the books, this March with the Minor Prophets offers insight into knowing more of God and seeing the human condition. The March was not just to study what happened then dispassionately. The point of the prophetic is God communicating – and the outstanding thing about what He communicated then is how on point it could be both for that time and in being fulfilled with Jesus and points of application for us today.

One thing this series encourages is for you to check these prophets for yourself and get the direct challenge and joy of reading these words for yourself!

Feel free to enjoy the March by clicking the link for each entry:

  1. March With The Minors – Prelude
  2. Hosea 1 – The Faithless
  3. Hosea 2 – The Faithful
  4. Joel 1 – Bad Day
  5. Joel 2 – Good Day
  6. Amos 1 – He Sees, He Knows
  7. Amos 2 – Hope of Restoration
  8. Obadiah 1 – The Edom Complex
  9. Obadiah 2 – Treat Them Right
  10. Jonah 1 – Something Against Jonah
  11. Jonah 2 – Something Around Jonah
  12. Micah 1 – What’s The Charge?
  13. Micah 2 – A Beacon of Peace
  14. Nahum 1 – Dealing with Bullies
  15. Nahum 2 – Ironic Justice
  16. Habakkuk 1 – Questioning God
  17. Habakkuk 2 – Joy in Tribulation
  18. Zephaniah 1 – Enraged
  19. Zephaniah 2 – Engaged
  20. Haggai 1 – Check Yourself and Your Priorities
  21. Haggai 2 – The Best Is Yet To Come
  22. Zechariah 1 – God Springs Into Action
  23. Zechariah 2 – The King Is Coming
  24. Malachi 1 – Unacceptable Priesthood
  25. Malachi 2 – Messenger
  26. March With The Minors – Reflections


The series would not have been possible without the inspiration of God and a love for His Word in life and power. Huge thanks goes to ongoing and unswerving support of my beloved wife, Authrine Dryden. There’s also been a tight band of brothers who were with me every step of the way – so massive thanks to Chola Simfukwe and Kelvin Mulenga Mwansa.

It’s also important to point out that some online resources that were very helpful for accompanying and gaining some understanding on these books. Those resources are chiefly:

(Photo by Jeff Hilnbrand on Unsplash)