About That Quote: Free and Costs

If a guy knew what it was for discipleship to cost him his life it was Bonhoeffer. This is a useful brief biography on just what it cost him to follow Jesus. ‘Salvation is free’, should not be a difficult concept for believers to grasp, because clearly we didn’t and cannot do anything to earn […]

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Dryden Update: Review and Preview

My Dad enjoyed his allotment. My Mum enjoyed cooking. I know they enjoyed these things because when I have an image in my head of what they enjoyed doing those activities spring effortlessly to mind. It would be interesting to see what my daughters would say their parents enjoy doing. What I do know is […]

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Journeyman Journal: Check the Help

A good wisdom nugget someone dropped in my lap a while back was this: Not all help is helpful. There was a narrative of history that made things simple to understand in the formative stages of learning history. That narrative went as follows: a few hundred years ago the monarch received requests from intrepid explorers […]

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