But There Is One Thing …

They mocked him for what he couldn’t do. He didn’t pass as well as a lot of the players. He didn’t sprint as fast as the other players. His headers were not as strong as the other players. He wasn’t as skilful as a lot of the other players. He didn’t have flair like some […]

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What Do You Hope To Achieve?

“Why did you do that?” “I just needed to get that off my chest. They needed to know how I felt.” “But what has that done for you?” “Well, they know how I feel now, there’s no doubt about that.” “Yeah, there’s no doubt about that, for sure. But what do you think that’s done?” […]

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The Marks 11: Live in Harmony

There are glimpses of it in various expressions of life. How an organisation works well. How a team succeeds together. How those singers sing different notes that blend together so well. Even how a family comes together to arrange an important event. Those glimpses sees a recognition of the different people combining their differences to […]

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Waiting For Thanos

It was a passing comment made by a good friend of mine. It’s worth sharing the context before getting to the heart of the matter. They have it all planned out. They spent ages matching different scriptures and seeing the meaning behind those numbers and these numbers, and with that in hand were able to […]

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Dryden Shorts: A Compelling Story

Stories are powerful. A compelling story sees you recognise that you have been rescued to be ruled in righteousness and experience the regeneration required to live this new life. You come across others in need of the rescuing, the righteous rule and the regeneration. You get to interact with them as well as join with […]

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It’s There Somewhere

Consider the scenario: “Where did you put it?” “I don’t remember where I put it, I think I left it on the table.” “It’s not there now though, is it?” “No it’s not there, can you help me look for it?” “Sure.” … “Well have you found it?” “No.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” “Where did […]

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It is one thing to be dedicated. It is a beautiful thing as well. To realise that you have been set apart for a particular cause and commit yourself to it with the resources available to assist you in that cause. It is a big deal as well. It’s a marker for you. Where others […]

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