Create, Cultivate, Craft

It would be easy to just knock the idea. Give the reasons why it won’t work. Look at the deficiencies and discrepancies and just dismiss the whole thing as a waste of time. That’s easy. What’s fruitful is to get that idea in your head. And from having it in your head, recognising the idea […]

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What Our Prayers Say About Us

The passing of my father reminded me again that life is fleeting. One of the things I remember my Dad for is his distinct careful choosing of times to talk. Others would talk a lot. He would talk a little. Not because he had didn’t have an opinion or because he found the conversation dull, […]

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Dryden Shorts: Carrying On …

So, when disappointment comes, when the people let you down, as the devastation hits – how do you carry on? When you were out for so long because of bereavement, when you had to take time off because of that unexpected injury – how do you carry on? By grit and determination? By that resolve […]

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Just The Right Approach

Kathy had just the right approach to Paige. Paige had shared the news about her Mum’s passing with the team. She was subdued as she made the short announcement. It instantly seemed to take the air out of the room. Any joviality that was in the room evaporated to be replaced with the distinctly sombre […]

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A Word on What Pollutes

I find it interesting to see what is meant when it is mentioned that the environment is in jeopardy. Sure, there may very well be serious issues going on in the physical atmosphere and surroundings that are caused by a variety of factors. We certainly have a responsibility to look after that physical surrounding as […]

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Connect and Complement

There is this thing that you do. You enjoy it. There is another thing that you do. You enjoy that too. What do you do? Can you do both of them? Sounds like a silly question, but it’s worth taking a step back and acknowledge that in some way you connect with what you enjoy […]

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Burdens Are Lifted

Jesus took some of His disciples with Him and told them to pray while He went off to pray. He went away and agonised in prayer. When He returned to check on His friends, He found them sleeping. In fact the account recorded by Luke has a fascinating phrase that they were ‘sleeping for sorrow’. […]

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