For Reading Out Loud – Psalm 1

There is something powerful about the word of God. Appreciating it, listening to it, contemplating it and living out the direction of God found in it. Something so powerful. This is something I only began to apreciate when I got older, but I got the impression it was something my parents valued, especially as they […]

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Dryden Update: Do Good

It’s been well over six months since the last update. The blog has been populated in that time, but not as frequently as in the last year or so. This window of opportunity is presented to offer something of an update on how things have been and how things are. The tutoring went fairly well […]

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Dryden Shorts: Set At Liberty

Modern gadgets have their settings. Humanity have their settings as well. Sadly, most of the settings for humanity seem to revolve around being enslaved and addicted to that which highlights and hastens the downfall of humanity. This is why it is so good to know that Jesus looks at those who are oppressed and changes […]

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