Son of Encouragement

One of the things I love in scripture is reading about people’s names changed. Yeah I love those moments. However the name was changed or whenever there’s just something about the name change that is like an establishment of an identity. One of the characters who got a new name was a Levite from the […]

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Here I Am, Send Me

If my life is better now than it was before, it is down to the grace of God. By that I mean, there’s a great kindness of God that I have experienced in life. A kindness that I still recognise to this has absolutely nothing to do with me in terms of anything I’ve done […]

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My Eyes Are Dry

We were talking about a scenario. A leader of a Christian gathering decided to disguise himself as a beggar and see how the congregation treated him. As it transpired the congregants on the whole either ignored and dismissed him or worse actively shunned him and hoped he would stay out of any prominent place. When […]

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Soften Your Heart

Apparently nobody wants to be gullible. It’s good to be smart and not fall for anything. At the same time, though, in that bid to stay ahead of the pack and not fall for anything, there’s also a move towards cynicism that suggests it’s not good to stand for anything … other than an approach […]

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When I Hear The Praises Start

There are times where I forget that it’s not only the Word of God, but it has the Word from God. What I mean is that when I’m reading about what happens to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Gideon, Samuel, David, Elijah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Nehemiah, Jesus, Peter, Paul and John among others, in and among […]

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Because Of You

You are amazing. When I see you and realise what a difference you’ve made in my life, it is the reason why I have to say you are amazing. You give me a reason to live. You do this by example – showing me the life that you live and how I can live it […]

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