Previous, Present, Prospective

It was something familiar to be back at her parents’ home. She hadn’t been there for years, but now she was about to get married and she wanted to visit the home one more time. As she visited the garage where all the old stuff was kept, she found an old shoe box. In it […]

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Well Deserved

There is some innate sense of when something is deserved. A friend and I were watching a football match recently. Two teams faced each other. The away team had a great record going into the match and were said to be the favourites for the match. They gave indications as to why they should have […]

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Who You Start From

Identity is such a crucial factor in life. “Who am I?” It is an important question to answer. I wonder however if we start with the wrong person. Being to ‘just be you’ isn’t very helpful when you don’t know the ‘you’ that you’re supposed to be. Being told that you’ll ‘discover it’ as you […]

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Worth Admiring

Their allure is great at the start. The fire burns fierce. Then it ebbs, then it flickers, then it peters out. It was worth something at the start, but lost its value over time. Some would evoke feelings for it as though it was something grand, something brilliant, something with such an essence that drew […]

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Wisdom To Know The Difference

It’s one thing to be able to do something. It’s another thing as to whether you should do it or not. There’s this episode that takes place where a man gets healed and is so grateful that he offers a lot of lovely goods to the person who gave the healing. This person rejects the […]

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Delightfully Unexpected

There is a lot of negativity going around in that environment. It is as if a cycle operates with following key points. Something bad happens; someone highlights the bad that happened; someone else emphasises the highlights of the bad that happened; someone else chips in with analysis on the emphasised highlights of the bad thing […]

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