The Kind of Change We Expect

The way things are is not acceptable. We expect change. The Bible is a fascinating book in highlighting the sense in which the way things are can not be accepted. It also outlines, however, the kind of change to expect. Initially, that kind of change won’t necessarily go down too well for those who believe […]

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Dryden Update: Learning To Lean

When the nights get longer and the winter chill starts to set in during the month of November, it’s a great pleasure to be able to turn on the heating and appreciate the warmth. Now that November is over and the final month of the year begins, those feelings of being inside in the warmth […]

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Seven Signs: Well Fed

(Reflections on the sign of Jesus feeding thousands with just five loaves and two fish found in John 6:1-15. This is part of the Seven Signs series, click here to catch up on other parts in the series.) Jesus was keen to keep the party going, hence turning the water into wine. Jesus was keen to show […]

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Dryden Shorts: Gentle Reminder

Feeling euphoric, the sense of excitement and achieving greatness. Something so sweet, with this gentle reminder. Life is not always about this, so never take it out of perspective. In despair, the sense of disillusionment and failing miserably. Something so discouraging, with this gentle reminder. Life is not always about this, so never take it […]

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Do You Believe Him?

Every day and often in every moment of the day, there is a simple question that I answer. Do you believe Him? I had a conversation with my brother. We were talking about the differences between an atheist, one who rejects God and the godless. There are a lot of people who claim to believe […]

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