Hold Your Head Up High

There can be something rather proud and obnoxious about the head held high. It can in some settings give the impression of superiority. Yet there are times in life, especially when the storms are raging in particular where the head held high is not just about defiance, it’s about looking up in hope. It’s about […]

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When You Walk Through A Storm

In my childhood days it became even a point of principle to avoid conflict and confrontation. Sure, there were sibling altercations, but that was inevitable when you look at my siblings. Other than that, I didn’t like the thought of a confronation and the concept of engaging in conflict was terrifying. I avoided it diligently. […]

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Dryden Shorts: A Win’s A Win

Competitive sport is based on, among other things, the capacity to discern a winner. There is something about achieving that ability to win. There are aesthetic and value-based elemets that determines some people’s approach. Yet if there’s an agreed way of seeing who the winner is and that is acheived in the remit of the […]

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Training For Something Else

He certainly looked in good shape. So he should, because he put a lot of work into it. Every morning he liked to do his work out in his garage and spent that precious hour getting his sweat on and building that muscle as well as the stamina. Every morning, without fail. Then twice a […]

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Don’t Leave Them To It

There’s a lot of respect for the individual. In fact there’s a great concern not to be seen to be imposing anything on an individual. Every adult should be left to reach their own decisions and conclusions. That makes a great deal of sense. When it comes to learning to live the life of Jesus, […]

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A Tale of a Devoted Servant

He had served his master for many years. Their relationship was distinct in the sense that the master treated him like a son. He was looked after very well and never mistreated. Indeed where others around him used to be considered sub-human, his master highly esteemed his welfare and that of his family. The master […]

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