Why Should You Keep Going?

There’s something that goes on with our thinking. We will keep going with something if we see the point in it and that point is far greater than anything that we go through to get there. Often, however, there are a number of issues that crop up that makes the point of persevering very hard […]

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What You Need To Know

“Oh, I didn’t know that.” Back in the late 20th Century at that pivotal transitional stage of life when I was a child legally, but got the feeling I’m not the child I was, there were several sources of information: television news, radio news, newspapers and magazines, the local library, my parents and the friends […]

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See It Then Live It

Can you imagine this? You’re a great leader. You’re at the forefront of a movement that has seen you defy all the odds. The greatest power of the day came to nothing because of the meek and humble approach with which you challenged them for the sake of justice. Now a people that were oppressed […]

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Maybe Reverse The Order?

Good friends really are priceless. There was this conversation I had with a good friend. In the conversation we recalled an intriguing practice in certain church settings. There are some who believe that church is about the people, not really about the buildings or other things. It’s about the people and relationships. Despite that, the […]

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That’s Unprecedented

There is comfort in the familiar. Take your daily routine. There might be minor variations on it, but there’s something reassuring that you know what time you’ll wake up, how you’ll drag yourself to have a shower, then you’ll get your clothes on and might grab some breakfast, say good morning to the children waking […]

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