If This Is It …

This is all there is and there’s nothing else to it. Sometimes explicitly. sometimes subtle, all there is to life is this. This being what your sense can pick up. There was a conversation about the after life and one of the queries that was raised was what happens about justice if this is all […]

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It Is An Honour

It’s not a passing thing. It’s still relevant today. Children get that feeling when a parent they respect and admire compliments them on something they’ve done. It’s the feeling of being honoured. If they are asked to take part in something of importance or prestige, there’s a feeling of being honoured. If they are subsequently […]

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It Is A Privilege

There is a posture you take when you receive something good without earning it or deserving it. There is a posture. That posture is not indifference. That would suggest that what you have received is not good. It could also suggest that maybe there was an element in which you felt it should have come […]

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