What A Fellowship: Fruit

There are the ingredients. There are the measurements. There is the equipment. There are instructions. The dangers are to ignore the instructions, neglect the measurements, misuse the equipment and forget the ingredients. Those dangers range from sloppy and shocking food preparation to potential food poisoning. It is certainly not the recipe for a great culinary […]

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The Marks: 01 Real Love

Let love be genuine. Romans 12:9 According to pop songs people are looking for real love. If we go by those pop songs, though, the idea of real love can get confusing in a hurry. That’s not just an issue for pop songs or indeed popular culture. There are a lot of conflicting and confusing […]

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Guest Entry: On Friendly Fellowship

(With fellowship being a prominent theme on the blog, I reached out to someone I have a great deal of respect for their considered and calming manner in social settings. Marlene Wray from Manchester, England kindly put together this word on friendly fellowship for us to explore and act on. For His Name’s Sake Shalom […]

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What A Fellowship: Flaws

Fellowship with the saints and with God is a wonderful thing. The Lord Jesus loves that so much and loves that sweet communion that He’s doing what it takes to present before Himself a Bride who is flawless. Our experience of fellowship is not always perfect, though. There are pictures of beautiful and harmonious fellowship […]

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The Marks: An Introduction

It makes them stand out. People clearly think that success is like a good cake. You get the right ingredients, in the right mix, prepared over the right time and delicious times await. Plenty of words have been expressed reviewing those ingredients that have worked in individuals, partnerships teams, groups, companies and organisations that appear […]

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Dryden Shorts: Restored

What is it like to see someone restored? It’s one of the most moving things in life. One that was so promising fallen so hard, seemingly irredeemable. Yet somehow – surely by the mercy of the loving God – they return. In humility, in meekness. Contrite, repentant, not so much keen to make up for […]

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Awake and Alert

Caught off guard. What an interesting phrase that is. Of the pictures that phrase can evoke, one is that of a place that needs to be kept secure from dangers outside. So suitably equipped personnel are given the responsibility to ensure that the place is not attacked. Yet somehow the opposition manage it because they […]

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