A Peter Profile: 01 Why Peter?

There is something so fascinating about exploring someone’s life. When I read a good biography, the writer engages me to a really deep degree in terms of trekking the life of the subject in question. The ups and downs, the influences and the detractors, the successes and the failures, what others would not know or […]

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Adam: What Went Right

People are fascinating. It’s no surprise, then, that the stories of people are fascinating. However full and packed a series of biographies on an individual can be, we won’t know truly everything about that individual. It’s still nevertheless fascinating to explore what we can discover about the person. One of those people who are fascinating […]

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Who Rules? Your Kingdom Come

Every day, we have the chance to show who is in charge. We make decisions that clearly shows that there are forces that have control in our situation. We make the choices that highlights what has the steering wheel of the vehicle of life. This issue can be a thorny and touchy subject for some. […]

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Conforming to Conflict

I had a conversation with my first-born and from it I invited her to share what she had to say. The following is given exactly as she expressed it with no editing on my part. I submit this for your consideration. For His Name’s Sake Shalom C. L. J. Dryden   As the oldest daughter, […]

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