The Word In John

In November 2014 I went through a daily look through the gospel according to John with a reflection on something from each chapter.

Chapter 1 – Who Is He?

Chapter 2 – This Guy Is Different

Chapter 3 – Entry Requirements

Chapter 4 – Food And Drink To Jesus

Chapter 5 – Like Father, Like Son

Chapter 6 – Jesus Is Weird

Chapter 7 – Jesus Provokes A Response

Chapter 8 – The Light and the Son? Who Do You Think You Are?

Chapter 9 – If You See What He Means

Chapter 10 – Shepherdgate

Chapter 11 – Opportunity For Glory

Chapter 12 – Believe It Or Not

Chapter 13 – The Loving Lord Foot Washer

Chapter 14 – Peace: So Your Heart Won’t Be Troubled

Chapter 15 – Fruitful Friends

Chapter 16 – Always Someone There To Remind You

Chapter 17 – Ever Increasing Circles Of Unity

Chapter 18 – The King Rejected

Chapter 19 – The King Crucified, The Job Finished

Chapter 20 – So That You Will Believe

Chapter 21 – You Must Follow Me

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