The Demise: Down To Influence?

As long as the guy was around, the leadership was sound. It was when the guy left that things got very nervy. The guy was solid. He had been around a long time and so knew which paths to take and which options were worth considering. He didn’t force anything, he just gave sound advice. […]

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No Turning Back

If only she didn’t turn back. The instructions were clear. We were told to leave. Leave as soon as possible because there was a major development taking place in the city and if we stayed we would be swept up in it and would not survive. I was very clear to my daughters and my […]

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Finding A Rule That’s Right

I love a good political thriller. The intrigue, the ambition, the aspiration, the connections, the soaring hopes, the corrupting, the demise, the mess and in some cases the lessons to learn that might point to some sort of redemption. Might. A lot of the political thrillers I come across don’t tend to have much in […]

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A Shape Of Things To Come

Word in for the word out. There are different ways that the word gets in you. It can be read, it can be heard, it can be seen, it be felt. Of the various things that makes its way into the system not all of it to allow us to be the better for the […]

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