Journeyman Journal: Pursuing in Prayer Together

Recently I reflected on the role of walking with my Dad. In it I referred to how my brother and I would often walk with him when he went for his walks.

Looking on that in the light of life today got me thinking about the beauty of praying together. It never fails to amaze me what can happen when people following the Saviour get together and devote themselves to seeking His will and making their requests known together. There is something that develops in that sort of camaraderie. It’s like being on the walk and get instructions to make a certain turn in a direction and be prepared to engage in something exciting and challenging.

From reading in scripture about the birth of the church and its expansion emerging from prayers of people together, to reading in history of significant movements and projects that came about because people were praying together. It’s so inspiring and encouraging to know that our prayers can connect us to the walk God wants us to be on together. It’s all of those things and it stands as a challenge. Are prayers merely putting wishlists to God to grant, or whether can we appreciate that there’s a conversation God invites us to. That conversation, in the hurts and pains we go through, is to seek for His Kingdom to come and will done. Not just praying for it, but seeking it together and getting to practice it together.

The point of the Journeyman is not for solo wanderings. In  prayer, it is about what can be achieved in concert with others on the journey.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

Journeyman Journal: Dad and the Walks

Dad did a lot of good things for me. A lot.

One of the best things, though, was to get me into enjoying walking. No not the rambling kind of taking a stick and needing hiking boots to walk up and down the mountain. Nah, not that kind of thing, just taking a stroll through the area we lived. If it was up to him he would walk everywhere. Having the car was a necessary inconvenience. He would walk it if he could and he loved the walking. It was among the best experiences of my life on a summer Saturday afternoon just spending time walking with my Dad.

Walks didn’t always mean talks. It could just be walking. The walking was something that Dad knew about, roughly, but I had no idea. I didn’t know where he was going and when we took certain directions I recall having looks of confusion and  being bemused. So I would ask Dad where we were going and he would feel under no obligation at all to inform me. He would just tell me to keep following him and the destination would be clear in the fullness of time. Those walks would involve a variety of terrain even if it wasn’t mountain hiking. Different scenery would bless the walks. Sometimes urban, sometimes countryside. Passing other walkers, or just us on the path. He was not in a rush. He wasn’t in a race. If it was done for health reasons it wasn’t about fitness more than it was about the health in enjoying God’s planet.

Walks could however include the occasional talk. Ahhhh those walks with conversations. Those conversations that would sometimes be as winding as the walks themselves. Topics wide and diverse. Dad wouldn’t be waxing lyrical putting the world to rights, but he would contribute, make the passing comment, asking the incisive question. It wasn’t just the two of us on the walk. Sometimes my brother and even on the rare occasion my Mum and sister would join us for the walk. If it was just us males out on the walk Dad could set up something that would get my brother and I talking and rambling around in conversation almost oblivious to where Dad was taking us.

In it there was something that Dad knew about the journeys we were taking. He was assured about them without having to spell out what what was going on and those journeys would take us on so many interesting paths. I am so grateful for my Dad setting me up for life in appreciating it’s all about following the Father along paths of righteousness that He takes me on.

Reflecting on those walks and considering where I am now, I appreciate how important it is to trust that the Father knows where He’s leading us. The paths of righteousness are not supposed to be smooth – they take us through some really rough and trying places. We’re going through those places for a reason – one particular one being that it was here that the Father found us and so we can see others who need to get on this path as opposed to ones they’ve been travelling before. The variety of paths He leads us along also reflects how multi-faceted His creation is – appreciating that is appreciating Him.

Where I am at on the journey is not quite a desperately pivotal crossroads, but it is at a stage where a change of terrain is up ahead. No, that’s nothing to fear in itself, it is something to get very excited about, but it’s something to be all the more careful to follow in the footsteps of the One who leads, so I don’t stray off the path.

The Journeyman’s trails continues … Thanks Dad.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

Journeyman Journal: God and His Works of Art

Relationships matter. People are a great way that God shows His love and goodness. They’re an insight into how creation really is a work of art as well as a work from the heart. 

I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine. She shared her heart to be responsive to God in contributing to the Kingdom cause. It was inspiring hear her heart to bless individuals and also make an impact on the larger picture in which people find themselves. It evoked in me the image that you can fish, you can hire fishermen to fish or you can own the sea. Obviously by owning the sea, I am not suggesting you can ease the Almighty from his ownership of the waters. It is about being significant in the infrastructure to the degree that you make a positive change to how the whole thing works. 

That is about pictures you have. It’s not for everyone to see the same picture, but influential individuals can bring the pictures to the hearts and minds of people to engage them in a way far beyond the humdrum approach of getting money to make a living. It helps people to see that if they fish they play a vital role in the existence of man. If they employ people to fish, they are not masters over servants, they are enablers who serve those who play a vital role in the existence of man. 

The beauty of the Kingdom of God as presented throughout scripture is how it impacts all the pictures of life, if we have but the heart to feel this new rule of Christ. 

From that awe inspiring conversation with that woman of God, I had the great pleasure of returning to a former love of mine. That love is the love of chess. For a season in my life, I absolutely adored the game. Was a part of the school chess club, even went and did work experience at my junior school and helped run the chess club there too. Man, it was a lifetime and a half ago, but a good memory. Another dear friend of mine is also a chess aficionado and when I discovered that, I was keen to connect with him on that score. So after years of waiting, we finally got to sit down and have a game. Doing so reminded me of why the game fascinated me so much. Here is a game based on conflict, a conflict that involves the pictures you have of how you can best progress to your desired outcome. It’s a responsive game based on strategy and tactics. The ability to enact both and knowing how to apply the latter to serve the former is the key to progress. Being flexible to changing circumstances is so useful as well. Those kinds of experiences spoke a great deal to me especially regarding a number of frustrations and challenges I am engaged in even now. It was great to be reminded of the game again and to play it with such a humble, kind and meek friend. Those kind of experiences are ones I am privileged to note, grateful for the way in which these relationships and experiences bless me tremendously. 

The challenge now, however, is to be faithful to what these words from God say to shape and direct me in this particular season of my life. It is the word of God that makes the difference to enable me to see the picture I need to see and work towards. In doing so I also appreciate I need to be aware of the conflict ongoing between the forces of darkness and the Kingdom of Light. That conflict is one I can witness victory in as I follow the true Grandmaster, in the moves He makes and the steps He directs me to take. 

Meanwhile I am forever grateful to Him for the pictures in which I find myself. I am grateful that His pictures continue to be glorious works of art. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 

Living Beyond Ourselves 

OK a brief football reference, then I will move right on, honest. 

So, Wayne Rooney is the leading goalscorer for his club, Manchester United and his country. He has won every trophy there is to win in the game at club level and has scored crucial goals in the run up to that. Yet for all those accomplishments there are some who are not convinced he really lived up to his potential. A friend of mine who supports United (keep praying, keep fasting), suggests that Rooney sacrificed himself for the greater good of the team he played for. Whilst others progressed to bigger and better things, he remained even as his role diminished, but he persisted and made himself available in whatever position he was called to play. 

Beyond football, there are some really good examples of folks who know what it is to live sacrificially to advance the cause of the wellbeing of humanity. The best examples I have found are from those who do not need and have never sought the limelight or needed the accolades for their efforts. Their reward is in their faithfulness and desire to serve. They are happy to see others flourish even if they are forgotten in the celebration. 

The heart of the servant living beyond themselves is a great way to see what it is to follow Jesus. He who laid His life down for His friends and did it so they would know what it was to serve and to love to the degree far greater than any love seen before. We follow in that way by seeing others around us, however flawed we are,  as possible friends rather than potential foes. In the light of the possibility simply exploring how to be a platform for the other to flourish in all they could do to be a blessing to the world. 

Part of being that platform is to invite them to consider this example of endless and selfless love that can make those who feel like the least be treated like they’re the most. Most precious and valuable in the eyes of a loving Father. Not for their egocentric boost, but so they can join in the joy of sharing this great news in deed and truth at work, at home, at college, on the bus, in the coffee shops (whilst drinking orange juice, obviously), in the park, sitting next to the homeless beggar in the city centre, watching the classic with the previously lonely widow who never thought anyone cared, supporting the child with severe learning difficulties on the brink of being excluded from another school, standing up for justice and righteousness for the poor and marginalised in the community. All of that not to draw attention to yourself, but point the light on Jesus. 

Whether Rooney really did sacrifice his career to advance the cause of his teammates will remain a point of contention. What is irrefutable is that God in Christ showed us how we can live in a way where others experience the amazing love of God. That is the way of living beyond ourselves. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 

A Word On Exploitation 

It was a privilege to be invited to dinner, but the conversation, for all the wit and humour flying across the table, was very sobering. 

There was a father of several children. He was devoted, considerate and caring to his children and in his community. When his wife died, with his children fully grown with families of their own, he eventually retired to settle down in his own home on a farm. A neighbour noticed he was on his own and struck up a deal with a female friend. She would get to know the man and eventually work her way round to getting married to him and eventually  use him, get all his stuff and sell the farm before ditching him. At present she has got such an influence on him that even the children are locked out of access to him to support him as he gets older and more infirm. It’s tragic to hear and made my blood boil. 

The conversation then turned to how countries around the world were exploited. Not just about rich exploiting the poor and the powerful exploiting the powerless. It was the way that people would overlook injustice for the sake of convenience and resourcefulness. While beautiful landscapes were being spoiled and natural resources raped and pillaged, people turned blind eyes because infrastructure was built and the promise of investment wafted across the airwaves. Even as cultural identities were being merged and overwhelmed, by the time people recognised what was going on they were too heavy in debt to do anything about it. That debt wasn’t just an obscenely financial one either. Plus it was not just a matter of ‘foreign’ forces exploiting the situation. There was just as much complicity between the indigenous people to their own downfall. 

In the conversation, there was concern that this issue was nothing new. Put down to human nature it depressingly came across as though there was nothing that could be done about it. Those who fought against it would feel the need for power to do it, accessing the power they would be consumed by the need to retain the power to do what they felt needed to be done. This however would soon lead to the impression that it was more important to retain the power than to do the good it was desired for. There is a saying that power corrupts, but the reality might be that the power exposes that which was already corrupt in us. 

Yeah, not the most upbeat conversation. 

Yet thankfully, for me, that was not the end of the story. That was not and is not all there is to life. I was reminded of a conversation I had earlier in the day where someone was talking about the recent concert in Manchester. One man blew himself up to strike terror into the hearts of a people. He blew himself up and killed others for a cause. My faith is built on a man who gave up His life so others could be cleaned from everything corrupt in them. He gave up His life so others wouldn’t die, but enjoy real, true, vibrant, peacemaking, joy-giving, amazing life. 

Part of that deal involves learning what it is not to use people and allow the corrupt within to corrupt without. Learning not to exploit for selfish gain and love to give for the true and honest development of others. It sounds lovely on the surface, but it does require an entire new me inside. A new way of thinking, a new way of living. It’s immense, it’s incredible, it’s hard, but it’s possible, because when we talk of human nature that nature is truly seen in the life and times of the suffering servant Jesus Christ. He expressed the true human nature – one incorruptible. Can we live like Him? Only if we trust Him and allow the same Spirit that lifted Him from death to lift us from that corroding, corrupting thing in us that only ever leads to one outcome. 

It’s about time. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 

About the Sunburst 

This beautiful photograph was taken by a man I admire a great deal. He took this whilst at a place called Godfrey. When I saw the image, I loved it immediately and the name sunburst appealed to me. 

It highlighted for me what is so delightful about the sun bursting through the clouds lighting up and radiating the area with such a glow it stands out from its surroundings. 

There’s another friend I have who is like that in person whenever I see him. He shows up and as soon as he does his presence radiates the place. He is such a warm, engaging and friendly person. It’s clear that he makes a difference to his surroundings, not overtly and in a contrived manner, but just because in him being authentic others are drawn to him and he allows them to feel lighter and freer in his company. It’s a remarkable trait. No surprise what he puts that down to. It doesn’t take long in any conversation for him to share snippets of the life changing encounter he had that turned his life right way up. 

He says that the joy he has inside him is not something he can not keep to himself. It’s like something that bursts out of him without him saying a word. It’s true from what I have seen. To know this is all because of the love of God is amazing and challenging. 

It makes me desire to love Him and embrace His love all the more so what flows from me is that burst from the Son of God – truly the light of the world. 

(HT: Ricky Rew for the photo. Great job.)  

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 

A Word On What Matters

It’s interesting to me to see well meaning people propose and promote positions with passion that essentially are pointless. It’s interesting and somewhat tragic. All that passion channelled into something that in the greater scheme of things counts for nothing. 

The deathbed scene is often referred to and in that scenario as you breathe your last, are you really going to mourn over not doing more of certain things that in this position and with that perspective are as fruitless as they were when there was a lot more to live for?

I know quite a lot about pointless pursuits pursued with passion. I have been drawn to a lot of it and thankfully been rescued from a lot of it by the challenge of eternity. Some folks live for legacy, hoping to do enough for children and grandchildren to follow. In Christ there is something even greater to attain to – leaving an imprint that lasts for eternity. Not just for your children and grandchildren, but for those who may never know your name, see your image or even be able to google you. 

What that is about is joining God in His great endeavour to fill this earth with the reality of His righteous rule in all things. That is about recognising the privilege given to be a part of His family and engage in His activities in this earth. Presenting, demonstrating, declaring and growing in what it is to be children of the holy, righteous, joyful, peacemaking God. Seeing that impact every nook and cranny of life from your fashion statements to your pastime pleasures. 

Wholehearted, all of life given to the One who gave all of His life for all who believe to truly enjoy all of life – its overflowing essence permeating all of creation.

That is certainly something worth your consideration. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden