Those Left Out Can Fit Right In

There are particular episodes of scripture that retain a massive interest from me. The healing of the man born blind as recorded in the gospel according to John is one of those episodes. There are many elements of the episode to appreciate as you come to it. There’s the question of the disciples wondering who […]

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Organised at the Heart

My friend and I enjoy talking about the Playmaker. The game goes well when things are organised and each part is playing as they should. Sometimes there are parts that are struggling, but the organiser – the Playmaker knows just how to motivate and support the part. Though different games are played, with different opponents […]

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Come To My Relief

Lord hear my prayer. Listen to my cry for mercy. In your faithfulness and your righteousness. Come to my relief. (Psalm 143:1) There are times when I read the Psalms and it’s not even the whole Psalm that captures me. It’s just one line. Recently I was just reflecting on the tragedies and traumas that […]

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Revealed: He Can Be Known

There are two types to look out for. The observer and the conversationalist. The first is the classic silent observer. She doesn’t talk that much in the gatherings, but you can tell she is engaged. She picks up everything that’s going on. She discerns clearly both what is going on and the states of all […]

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Taking Him At His Word

I get very tearful from time to time. The tears are very rarely out of sadness. They are tears expressing amazing admiration and gratitude for the grace and kindness of God. Wondering at His greatness and experiencing His faithfulness in the mundane as well as the marvellous. I take to heart the episodes of Jesus […]

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Make An Informed Choice?

Do we even have the desire to spend the time exploring what is needed to be properly informed? What am I talking about? First of all, you need to know this question emerged from another great conversation I had with a very dearly loved friend. There’s a place that we meet on a fairly regular […]

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