Streams … for Restoring

Among other themes that captured my interest was the theme of streams. A group of us were considering how the theme of water is prevalent throughout scripture. There’s the connection to the Spirit that is evident and what water does in life as well is something that was highlighted and I took much encouragement from […]

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Everything Is Not Ruined

When I was a lot younger, I was given to having a rather dramatic reaction to things that happened. A good way of expressing that is my given moods when my football team won or lost. If my team won, I would be so buoyant you would not be able to stop me walking on […]

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A Word On Peacemaking

Among the many aspects of the blessed, Jesus highlighted that peacemakers are blessed by being referred to as sons of God. It’s interesting that this aspect of the blessed is not always emphasised. It still seems as though I can go looking for God to bless me and restore me and all that other good […]

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It’s All In Your Head

It’s worth mentioning that this blog isn’t always that concerned to keep up with current affairs. If there are special occasions and events of one sort or another, I don’t feel obliged to mention them. So it is just one of those things that this entry so happens to happen on the same day as […]

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