About Change and a Piano

There is a source for the story I am about to tell but for the life of me I don’t know who the source is, so if it’s a good story it wasn’t mine and if it comes off less than good, blame me. A new pastor at a church was concerned that it was […]

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About An Understanding

There is real vulnerability in understanding someone else’s point of view. Vulnerable because there’s an element of leaving what is comfortable to you, to enter into something that is far more comfortable for someone else. That probably explains why in some conversations it’s easier to ‘connect’ with what someone is saying by talking about what’s […]

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About An Ensemble Piece

Ten years ago two films were released that would have a significant impact on the movies. One was Iron Man and the other was The Dark Knight. I happen to enjoy both films thoroughly. I prefer one to the other, but both of them are very enjoyable movies in my view. The two films were […]

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About Intolerable Mediocrity

Perfectionism is not healthy. It can blind us to beauty in the simple. It dulls the taste for the glorious in life that can be found in the flawed. Where scenes can evoke euphoria and lighten the load of life, the aura of perfectionism can rob people of that joy. In getting rid of perfectionism, […]

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About Changes and Choices

The choice is still up to you. The story is told of the relationship between God and His people. In that story there was a phase when they accepted Him as their King and accepted a number of judges appointed for disputes both internally and when faced with external opposition. The people reached a point, […]

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