Take The Hit

Take the hit. Stevie Wonder produced a song he co-wrote over 45 years ago that depicts the breakdown of a relationship. The song is an account from the perspective of the person who wrecked the relationship. The song goes on to express how a number of things could be blamed for the breakdown, but at […]

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I Am Not The Guy

She was taking on a lot. It was something I had got accustomed to. It was clear that she was the sort to look out for others and not really take the care for herself. In the brief conversations we had, I could see that there was someone who used work and busyness to cover […]

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Pride Comes Before …

The Bible is a wonderful book that is a collection of various writings in which we see who God is, who we are and how things can turn out for us. The human condition is very graphically and effectively portrayed in those writings. Recently a few of us were reading the episode featuring King David […]

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