Training For Something Else

He certainly looked in good shape. So he should, because he put a lot of work into it. Every morning he liked to do his work out in his garage and spent that precious hour getting his sweat on and building that muscle as well as the stamina. Every morning, without fail. Then twice a […]

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Blow Up or Build Up

There is something about having a fit of rage. Observing people have a temper tantrum can be as fascinating as it is tragic. You see the person go from mildly irritated to apoplectic in the space of mere seconds. They really do appear like a boiling pot that overflows as they pour out their rage […]

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The smile appeared charming enough. That’s what captured many people. The smile. The ease with which he appeared to take the game and take life was endearing to those who watched him play. Behind the smile, however, there was a player completely committed to being nothing but the best. When training finished for the morning […]

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Prayer for Change – Serving

Rather than institutions and monuments to show that social clubs have lasted generations, what society looks for is a dynamic community growing in love. They won’t see that through activities for the sake of activities. They won’t see that in impressive speeches from appealing individuals designed to captivate without content. They won’t see that in […]

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Talk Is Rich

One of the saddest things anyone can tell me is that talk is cheap. I know where they’re coming from. They have the emotional scars to prove it, so I don’t dispute that experience. It’s a sad thing to hear, because talk at it’s best is designed to be enriching, not cheap at all. In […]

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