Jesus, I Come

There is something so beautiful about being with those who love Jesus. Recently I had the great privilege of sitting with a few folks who love following Jesus. They’re down to earth, honest folks. They are not into Christianese, they don’t follow many of the traditional church conventions of practice, because they’re honest types. (I’ll […]

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It’s Praiseworthy

There’s quite a lot of things that get praise. Someone sings a song on television and it gets praise. Someone scores a goal and it gets praise. Someone draws a picture and it gets praise. Someone makes a meal and it gets praise. You name it and it gets praise for it. A lot of […]

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Psalm 147 – In Awe

I had the great privilege of being on a road trip with some saints. As the sun set and night settled in, rather than snoozing off after an exhausting day, those saints saw it fit to sing songs to God. There were songs of adoration, songs of praise, songs proclaiming the wonders of God.  In […]

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Psalm 134 – The Night Watch

I appreciate scripture for what it says and what it means from the writer at the time. This Psalm is written at a time when there was a temple and there would be priests who would serve in the temple in the night. It’s great that the Psalmist wants these servants to be encouraged in their […]

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