Holy Habits: Word

Exploring this particular habit is very close to my heart for a lot of reasons. The first thing to address, though, is about the holy habits themselves. There are some things we develop and cultivate rather simply and easily. There are parallels between a number of natural habits and holy habits. For example it doesn’t […]

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The Journal: Write On

There is something about the blank page that invites words. What kind of words and how that blank page will be filled appears daunting at first. It can be intimidating. So much can be written, but what should be written. What effect will it have to the reader? Will it really convey what the mind […]

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Word in Action 

I love God.  I really do. It’s the reason why I live and move and have such verve for doing my best. Among the countless reasons for loving Him is His unerring habit of speaking and then when He speaks, what He says happens. I love it.  At the start of this year, I spoke […]

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December Thanks #28: Communication

2016 has been another year of my growing appreciation for WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, WordPress and other means of electronic communication. They have been means by which I have been a recipient of the word and been a conveyor of the word. The word has come in greatly through those means. It has been a reminder […]

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December Thanks #19: Journal

This year saw the birth of Christopher Journeyman. A big reason for that was my recognition of the importance of the journey in my life and what it was to pay more attention to that. Who set the journey, the purpose of the journey, the scenery in the journey, the stops along the journey, the […]

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