Ready For The Master

Some people are comfortable with Jesus doing good things to people. As long as that’s all he’s doing, to a large degree he doesn’t pose a threat. Why he does pose a threat, even for those who benefit from the good things he does, is because all of those good things are indicators to a […]

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My name is Christopher Dryden. I am a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ. Saying that can sound rather conceited in certain religious circles. Calling yourself a minister comes with certain expectations and perceptions derived a great deal from various traditions and cultures. So allow me to be clear in what I mean. I am […]

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Does That Suit You?

A friend of mine was concerned. He was asked to facilitate a session standing in for someone else. My friend’s concern was how to facilitate the session in the typical way that the absent facilitator would do it. The concern was understandable, after all, my friend didn’t want to upset a routine that people got […]

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Acknowledging Good Service

If you don’t get good service, you are often going to do something about it, even if it’s just grumbling to someone else. What happens, however when we benefit from outstanding service? Authrine and I had the pleasure of her company, recently. It was great spending time with her and hearing how she was doing. […]

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What’s So Sweet About It?

One of the pivotal moments in my wall with Jesus took place in a church building in South London. It happened almost 20 years ago. The place was old and the inside was typically cold. Not many of us were gathered and that gave the place a sparse look about it all the more. Nevertheless […]

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Once More With Feeling

I used to sing with a choir. The beauty of singing with a choir is that your voice is not the main thing, it contributes to the main thing. When we rehearsed what we were singing, time was given to get accustomed to the structure of the song and the parts in it. Time was […]

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