The Importance of Rest

It is unfortunate that quite a few people confuse rest with sleep. Of course sleep can help with rest, but there is so much more to rest than that. Sabbath rest inmy childhood days was a chore and at times a bore. It felt like punishment sometimes, such was the stringent adherence to a range […]

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Chilling and Blogging

So Christopher, what great insights of the mind do you have to share on the blog today?  Having declared once more that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life is there more to be uttered on the matter in the usual erudite and expansive enunciation? No. This is just to say that it […]

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Sabbath Reflections

Earlier today I blogged on Jesus being the Lord of the Sabbath. I’m sure other people have different interpretations of that claim referring to the centrality of the Sabbath being based on Him or reference to the rest inferring the final rest and not the weekly observation. More renown men than I have debated the […]

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