Picking Up The Scent

A friend of mine has a really keen sense of smell. To such an extent that she is able to detect someone’s presence by the smell of a jacket they have worn. She can smell them. I know what she means. It’s not always so much about the natural body odour, but the regular smell […]

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Make A Note Of It

We sat down and talked about it. Twenty years is a long time. A long time where a lot happens. A lot happening some of which is worth remembering. Worth remembering because of what it says about the journey you’ve made to this point. A point where those things can be of use to remind […]

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What Is He Showing You?

Households with more than one child are fun. Hey, I’m not suggesting that households with an only child are not fun, I am saying that households with more than one child are a lot of fun. One of the areas of fun for the parent is the challenge of appearing considered and fair to all […]

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Firsthand Insight

He said. She said. We want to hear someone say what he said so that we know. It is not always possible to get it straight from the source and when that is not possible, the nearest we can get is as good as anything. Yet some folks really rely on the secondhand sources. To […]

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What Would You Ask?

This man had a dream and in that dream he was approached by God. God spoke to him and offered him the opportunity to ask for anything and it would be granted to him. If that was offered to you, how would you respond? It’s an interesting question to ponder because this man gave a […]

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Just Ask Him

“Just ask him.” asserted Karen. “I don’t want to.” cowered Lily. It was clear Lily was reluctant to ask him, even though she knew she wanted it a lot. Deborah enquired as to why Abigail didn’t want to ask him. Maybe she didn’t think he had the ability to deliver it. Maybe he would not […]

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