About The Adulation

There was this programme on. OK, by saying that, I remember back in the 20th Century it was literally the case that because of the limited options on offer, it really would be the case that there would be this programme on. There wouldn’t be any doubt about that programme, you would know what the […]

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About Blaming Circumstances 

Words.  They open and they close. They illuminate and they conceal. They console and they provoke. Their effect on the attitudes,  behaviour and condition of people cannot be underestimated.  Something happens. The words we use describe a picture and a narrative that we buy into. That narrative can do much to see how we will […]

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Psalm 73 – Turning Point 

The first part of this Psalm is something that a lot of people can relate to. It appears as though the rich are getting richer on the back of the poor who are getting poorer. The disparity between the two appears all the more stark and the degree of the unfairness of it all leaves […]

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