It’s Just Another Day

Becky knew she couldn’t ignore the alarm the second time. It’s incessant repeating tune and vibration did not allow her to do anything other than stare annoyed at it. Not that she had been deep asleep. Not that she enjoyed a decent night’s sleep. Again. Just that the alarm ruined the usual delusion she gave […]

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Talk About The Committed Few

I salute and applaud the committed few. When certain initiatives begin with the hype and excitement it can draw a crowd. People get caught up with promises of great benefits if they subscribe, participate and contribute. That all sounds good at the start. There’s also the appeal because there’s a crowd, so it must be […]

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Untapped No Longer

We were doing a group task. Adults mostly over the age of 30, many with young children and many who were coming from hard days at work. I could understand if some of them were tired and just wanted to be fed stuff to passively take in for future reference. Yet all of them were […]

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Remarkably Resourceful

It was one of those days. One friend had the link to help with starting projects. Later on another friend supplied some outlines that I could follow to succeed in the project. Hours elapsed and another friend offered outstanding insight on equipment that could be used to deliver on the project. Then as if that […]

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Coming To An Agreement

Two people agreeing on something is in itself something not to take for granted. That’s because it is easier to eventually reach a position where disagreement leads to division because of the disunity. That’s just between two people. Imagine what it’s like when the numbers increase. I was reminded of two incidents in the book […]

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Psalm 21 – God Save The King

This Psalm is an interesting praise for what God is doing for the King. Some may want to appropriate this for any leader. The key difference is, though, that this praise is about how God protects and saves the King because the King is in a right relationship with God. That way there’s a clear […]

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