Here I Am, Send Me

If my life is better now than it was before, it is down to the grace of God. By that I mean, there’s a great kindness of God that I have experienced in life. A kindness that I still recognise to this has absolutely nothing to do with me in terms of anything I’ve done […]

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A List of Acknowledgements

who would be on your list of acknowledgements? A group of us was looking at what Paul of Tarsus wrote about in the final part of his letter to the church in Rome. The list of names there was quite something. It wasn’t even exhaustive. For all the names he wanted to be remembered and […]

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A Life In Focus

Early the next morning Jesus went out to an isolated place. The crowds searched everywhere for him, and when they finally found him, they begged him not to leave them. But he replied, “I must preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God in other towns, too, because that is why I was sent.” So he continued […]

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My name is Christopher Dryden. I am a missionary from and for the Kingdom of God. Jesus hardly spoke about anything else. His entire life was about the mission – He was very clear about it.. He declared it, He demonstrated it. His call was for anyone following Him to also be about the mission […]

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Faithful to the Mission

When I am asked to do something within my strengths and in line with my passions there is something about me that gets tunnel visioned. It’s as if I block everything out except endeavouring to excel in that area. It can be remarkably useful and also remarkably off-putting to others. As well as that, however, […]

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Word in Action 

I love God.  I really do. It’s the reason why I live and move and have such verve for doing my best. Among the countless reasons for loving Him is His unerring habit of speaking and then when He speaks, what He says happens. I love it.  At the start of this year, I spoke […]

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