My name is Christopher Dryden. I am a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ. Saying that can sound rather conceited in certain religious circles. Calling yourself a minister comes with certain expectations and perceptions derived a great deal from various traditions and cultures. So allow me to be clear in what I mean. I am […]

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Acknowledging Good Service

If you don’t get good service, you are often going to do something about it, even if it’s just grumbling to someone else. What happens, however when we benefit from outstanding service? Authrine and I had the pleasure of her company, recently. It was great spending time with her and hearing how she was doing. […]

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In It For The Long Haul

It doesn’t happen overnight. The thought of it happening quickly or instantly is one that proves to be very alluring indeed. A man is sick, a prayer is made, the man is healed. Job done. Everyone happy, praise God. That’s not always how God operates. In fact quite often there are things he will say […]

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Just Give Him A Cup Of Soup

Funny how things work out. Back in the early years of my walk in the Christian pathway, any interest in  doing actual good works of service to people in community was minimal.  By minimal, I’m probably being very kind to myself.  Love was a nice concept in theory, but didn’t need to interfere with the […]

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