Friend and Brother

A friend loves all times and a brother is born for adversity. Proverbs 17:17 Recently this verse has been emphasised and reinforced. Looking back on my brief sojourn through this thing we refer to as life, that verse has actually been a powerful reality and a balm in the times of trouble. A good friend […]

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Critically Cracked

Cars. I am reliably informed that they operate best when the tyres are in good condition. A friend of mine shared how in driving on one occasion he was informed that three of the tyres of the vehicle were critically cracked. Despite that he was able to drive on for a while, until someone else […]

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Much To Offer

Some don’t think their life has much to offer, but it’s so much more valuable that we sometimes appreciate. Recently my wife and I had the great privilege of sitting to have a meal with another couple we value highly. There was something the husband said that made my eyes fill with tears. He shared […]

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Who Is This All For?

This is a part of my story. It’s not the whole story, but it’s a part of it. I was brought up in a loving Christian household. Both my parents are devoted Christians. A lot of my upbringing was shaped by practices and behaviours learnt from their conduct at home and the cultural expression of […]

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Warm Things Up

The temperatures have really plummeted. Even if it was the winter it would be really cold, but to be experiencing this in March just seems crazy. It is the reality, though, so it’s a case of how to keep on living despite that. It highlights what a blessing it really is to have a house […]

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