For A Sound Mind: Listen

One of the things to be really grateful for are working senses. Recently I was thinking about what it would be like to be deaf, especially what it would be like to gradually lose the sense of hearing completely having had it fully for a long time. It was not a cheering thought to consider. […]

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Pay, Turn, Apply

Solomon sure loved his Dad. I get the impression he was also very fond of his son.  I get that impression because it’s fairly regular we read in the book of wisdom the father talking to his son. The thing about the book of Proverbs is there are some things in there that are observations, […]

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Suffering From Spiritual Tinnitus

This video is the inspiration for this post. The key was the part where David Stephens contrasts what faith is as opposed to what presumption is. The whole section of the necessity for God to initiate faith, rather than my presumption starting something and expecting God to show up was a splendid and refreshing reminder […]

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You Have A Pair Of Ears

This post acts as a complimentary piece to one I wrote earlier stating that You Have A Voice. One of the things I enjoy about the gathering I frequent is that because there is no ‘official’ leader our times together are marked by as many members contributing as possible. This is not the norm for […]

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