Delightfully Unexpected

There is a lot of negativity going around in that environment. It is as if a cycle operates with following key points. Something bad happens; someone highlights the bad that happened; someone else emphasises the highlights of the bad that happened; someone else chips in with analysis on the emphasised highlights of the bad thing […]

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Focus On The Light To Lead The Way

Stumbling and fumbling and bumbling around. Not having a clue what to do, not having a clue where I’m going, not having a clue about anything except for the apparent need to do something or else I’m not really alive. For all that, though, it’s still just stumbling and fumbling and bumbling. Anything good or […]

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Something On Selective History

History fascinates me. Not all of history. Some bits of history leave me with the glazed eyes of a man who is effectively forgetting everything that is being presented to him. There are some parts of history that I am very intrigued by. My interest in history was instigated by the Bible. My Mum did […]

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Character Drives The Story

Movement, activity and events. These are important ways in which stories unfold. Important as they are, what makes a story compelling to me are the characters involved. I can understand how action set-pieces have captured the imagination of some. The level of them and their impact on a story can raise the expectation and excitement […]

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What Did He Say?

One of the encouraging things that came across in his speech on endurance, was how focusing on Jesus would help us to endure. It was particularly appropriate having heard about Jesus being the author and finisher of our faith. If we can focus on Him, He is sure to help us endure. He gives us […]

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