Light of Life

So much darkness. So much stumbling around. All leading to the same outcome. No matter how sophisticated the look is in the stumbling, it’s still stumbling. No matter how brave and heroic, daring and dashing the stumbling, it’s still stumbling. It becomes the definition of existence, how well you do with the stumbling. Some get […]

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Prayer for Change – Light Shining

It is a dark world. That doesn’t need much in the way of explanation. What’s all the more disconcerting is that some people prefer it that way. Some revel in what takes place in the dark. Some believe they benefit from that scenario. Whilst making noises about seeking solutions and banishing the darkness, they really […]

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Brighter Shines The Light

Recently I had another profound appreciation that in the depths of my low feelings brighter shines the light. I don’t recognise it all the time. The lows I get sometimes can really be debilitating. It can be a struggle to pray or to engage meaningfully even with my dearest and dearest. There are certain symptoms […]

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The Presence of Light

You are the light. The staff meeting did not go well. It’s never easy to tell those that make up the organisation that things are not going as well as they should and if things don’t improve … It’s never easy to convey that message and with the different personalities involved you can guarantee that […]

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Delightfully Unexpected

There is a lot of negativity going around in that environment. It is as if a cycle operates with following key points. Something bad happens; someone highlights the bad that happened; someone else emphasises the highlights of the bad that happened; someone else chips in with analysis on the emphasised highlights of the bad thing […]

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