Dryden Shorts: Funny That

It’s funny what plays around in his head. Funnier still is when he focuses on the one thing that he always wanted to do. He focuses on it and the idea buzzes around his head. It reaches the stage that it becomes something that he entertains all the time. It has to feature in every […]

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If It Pleases The King

Please yourself. If there were two words that often appear to be the running current in certain societies, those two words would summarise it neatly. Safely ensconced in a variety of concepts and philosophies, whether it’s the parents giving the impression that promoting the self is the essential goal of life or if it’s various […]

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Dryden Shorts: The Atmosphere

He got nervous thinking about it. He lived on what he could prove, what he could validate, what he could substantiate without any doubt. Yet in this setting, even he could not deny that there was some intangible and unquantifiable aspect that affected him. This could not be explained by any mood music, because there […]

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Let’s Remember The Good Times

The bag was packed. John wanted to travel as light as possible. He trusted that he would find what he would need whereever he ended up. He only took what he felt he would need. He was happy to let his brother, Carl, take everything else. All the clothes, the furniture and rather cool other […]

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Dryden Shorts: The Lounge

It’s a cosy room. Not cramped. Not small. Cosy. There’s a settee and two armchairs. Set like a square. There’s a coffee table in the middle. Typically Charlie and Joan take the armchairs and can still occasionally share loving touches. Henry and Anna are happy to take the settee and sit close to each other. […]

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Time To Rearrange

My wife loves her home. She loves the relational dynamics of it. The interactions between the daughters. The engagements between parents and daughters. The agreement and understanding between the parents. She loves the physical aspects of it. It is one of the great benefits being her husband, that I get to experience how she loves […]

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