The Kind Of Taste It Leaves

My good friend went to a restaurant the other day. Of course he didn’t take me to the restaurant, but I didn’t hold a grudge against him for it. (That’s what I told him anyway, to make sure the ‘accident’ comes across as the surprise it’s set up to be … kidding folks!) Being the […]

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What Will You Be Welcomed To?

At first the effort is made to make you feel welcome. There are conversations, your contact details are taken and sure enough not long after that you get a message asking how you are. When you return there’s the recognition and the same welcoming attitude as there was initially. Once more your welfare will be […]

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How Are You Going To Leave?

How are you going to leave? You could just walk out without saying anything. You could begin a series of conversations in the hope of establishing a transition period. You could develop an exit strategy that over time would allow you to leave in what might be considered an honourable or amicable manner. You could […]

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Working Towards

There are some hints and themes that pop up that give an indication of what might be there to work towards. The tabernacle was glorious and then the temple was glorious. Both of them were put together in ornate and considered fashion. They were splendid constructs designed to be a focal point for the presence […]

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Adjustment for Alignment

I wonder if you’re familiar with this … “No, move it a little to the left … No, no, no,, now you need to shift it to the right a bit more … Lift it a little … not too much … Oh now it’s slanted … No it’s slanted … diagonal … no, not […]

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