A Word On Laughing

God has been so good to me. In any given moment there is a friend who can say something that will get me laughing. In the childhood days there were competitions between us as siblings to see who could keep a straight face and not laugh at the efforts of the others. Though I loved […]

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December Thanks #17: Laughter 

This one is for Andy. I don’t think there has been anyone who has made me appreciate the power of laughter like Andy. He brought out the truth that I had never considered properly of how people can be open to relax and engage by laughing. Not only that but stimulating others to laugh has […]

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Thank God for … Humour

Just to be clear. The last entry about jokers was certainly not a compliment to that kind of joker. As opposed to this entry where I am definitely grateful for people who make me laugh … for good reasons. When I think about it, there’s quite a number of people who make me laugh because […]

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Grateful For … (4)

What happened today that made me very grateful for the life I lead is the opportunity to watch something that made me laugh. I shared with a friend not so long ago that in as much as I like to make people laugh, I am not one who tends to laugh that much in the […]

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Ten Things I Love About Laughter

It’s unfortunate that so many associate laughter with something malicious, obscene or gross. It’s also unfortunate that some ‘spiritual’ types pour scorn on laughter. My brief journey in life has thankfully seen some benefits in good laughter. Here are ten things I love about laughter, in no particular order. 1. Healthy laughter lightens the load. […]

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Laughter – A Very Good Medicine

I’m not sure if laughter is the best medicine.  I’m fairly certain it’s very good. (I write this while still getting over laughing at the movie Airplane – that is a hilarious film.) It’s good because in a moment of the purest laughter free of malice and cynicism there is a release of something positive […]

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