Established In Who You Are

People are fascinating. When you know who you are it is one of the most liberating experiences. In The Godfather we have the Don who is revered and feared. After the attempted assassination failed, the Don knows he does not have long so must pass on to his successor. Michael never saw himself as the […]

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Family Values: Bible Style

Jesus teaches us to be people of peace. If someone strikes me on one cheek, I am to turn the other cheek.  If someone takes my jacket, I should give him my shirt.  My motives must never be driven with the selfish desire to gain the upper hand or get revenge.  This is not of […]

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In Fitting With Who You Are

I am not a fan of uniform types of church – one style and size must fit all.  I mean by that a uniformed format of how the ‘service’ should take place, and all the ingredients done in the same order. It just does not make sense to me. I found it interesting reading about the David and Goliath […]

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