When Something Happened

What happened? Something happens. People are involved in the happening. People observe the happening. People will get impressions on the happening. From there different narratives will be developed on what happened. Some will come together neatly and depending on those involved, it will become the accepted story for what happened. The way the happening is […]

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Greater Expectations

It was my mentor who got me to start thinking properly about expectations. Previously things happened to me and I just went with the flow. I was the recipient and did not really impose anything. I went to university to a large degree because it was expected of me. I had done the A-levels to […]

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Leading by Hope

Appealing to base instincts. Present something that threatens someone’s sense of security and comfort and it can successfully ignite impulsive fearful responses. Project that same presentation and that nagging feeling can influence actions and attitudes. It is much harder to lead by hope. Especially where that hope appears so fragile, so far away and so […]

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What Do You Expect?

Some people have reached the conclusion that it’s better to live without expectations. Life is too unpredictable and events cannot be so predetermined. Better to literally leave it one day at a time and get through that day the best way you can and let the chips fall where they will. It’s a reasonable approach […]

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