Hold Your Head Up High

There can be something rather proud and obnoxious about the head held high. It can in some settings give the impression of superiority. Yet there are times in life, especially when the storms are raging in particular where the head held high is not just about defiance, it’s about looking up in hope. It’s about […]

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When You Walk Through A Storm

In my childhood days it became even a point of principle to avoid conflict and confrontation. Sure, there were sibling altercations, but that was inevitable when you look at my siblings. Other than that, I didn’t like the thought of a confronation and the concept of engaging in conflict was terrifying. I avoided it diligently. […]

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Faith When Under Siege

“Come out with your hands up. We have you surrounded. There’s no point in trying to escape, we will get you. It’s only a matter of time. Give yourself up now and we might go easy on you,” Back in the day, growing up, I did enjoy watching dramas and action programmes or films with […]

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Is It The Hope That Kills You?

There is a sort of intellectual agnosticism that has a problem with some expressions of faith. It is not outright atheism because it is not so committed to ruling out divine influences. Its content knowing that there’s things beyond its understanding. Maybe there’s divinity somewhere, maybe not, but they don’t get hung up on it. […]

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Hope Helps You Look Up

It’s remarkable how changing circumstances can affect us emotionally. Not remarkable in the sense that it really shouldn’t, more remarkable as to how it affects us in differing ways. There are some people I know whose whole mood lifts when it’s pay-day and that mood sags towards the middle of the month when they have […]

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Sunrise on Opportunity

The day is long and exhausting. All I want to do at the end of it is to rest. And the end of it can be fairly late on. There’s the time invested in the workplace. There’s the quality time with the children. There’s the conversations with other loved ones. It is not a chore, […]

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