Organised at the Heart

My friend and I enjoy talking about the Playmaker. The game goes well when things are organised and each part is playing as they should. Sometimes there are parts that are struggling, but the organiser – the Playmaker knows just how to motivate and support the part. Though different games are played, with different opponents […]

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Hope For The Best

Hope is a powerful sentiment. There’s the type of hope that is a grasp through the uncertainty. It looks ahead through thick fog of ambiguity with fingers crossed that something might be out there that will be pleasing to them. Then there’s the type of hope that has a confident assurance. That assurance is not […]

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Right Where He Wants Us To Be

I am content to believe that God knows what He’s doing. I am also getting to the place of contentment that there is a degree of mystery in understanding where He wants us to be at any given juncture. For one thing, I am sure that I have not always been where I needed to […]

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Challenging The Way Things Are

I am not a subscriber to the sentiment that talk is cheap. I have a fair idea where it comes from. There’s a lot of talk about how bad something is without anything done about it. Politicians talk about what they will do to make things better. People vote for them and are disappointed to […]

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Patience – A Priceless Gift

People have been patient with me. Not everyone, obviously. Some just did not have the time to wait for me to get it. Some were frustrated that as they saw it, someone like me should have already been behaving and operating at the standard. I was not, though. Part of that was ongoing struggles with […]

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