A Word On Being Led

You ever come across someone outline something that takes place in a matter-of-fact kind of way and later reflect and actually wonder how on earth they did it? The Bible is good at that. All over the place things are recorded and relayed to us as though these are things that regularly happen. Take for […]

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A Motion of Full Confidence

Every day there’s a time when the decision is made. A lot of counselling and gesturing behind the scenes take place. Arguments are raised, subtle negotiating can be heard in whispers and debating can be fierce. Forces jockey for position to have the major say. They see who’s in charge and want to view any […]

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Who We Are and What We Do

If I follow certain narratives of history, I could get the impression that it was easier back in the day. Who is he? He catches fish. Oh so he’s a fisherman. Yeah. And that’s how it will be for the rest of his life. He’ll be rough and coarse and used to the struggle because […]

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Unfailing Love

You lied, despite all that was promised. You should have known better, but you completely denied all that and blatantly lied. That should have left you out of it. Yet you were still remembered and the promise was fulfilled. It could only be Unfailing Love. You tricked and schemed in a bid to let things […]

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A Problem with Control and Freedom

From childhood, Jon was considered to be someone who would go far. He was an intelligent young man at school, which was remarkable because his parents didn’t appear to be anything like him when it came to intellect. They were hard-working people, though and endeavoured to see their son adopt that key value. This explains […]

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Developing an Appetite

Desensitised. Eat enough of one kind of thing and before long you become desensitised. Sure it’s bad for you, but you’ve got in the habit now and it’s not affecting you too much. Not too much. Not much anymore. It’s been part of the diet for so long that to do without it would be […]

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