He’s Got Just The Person

One of the things I find remarkable about life is how at times of challenge and tumult, the right person can emerge to help out. That person won’t be there all the time, indeed they could be on the scene for a few moments or an otherwise short period of time. Yet their presence and […]

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Holding On

I remember holding on tightly. Not that it hurt him particularly, because this five year-old’s grip on the man’s hand was hardly going to leave a massive impression. I gripped it though. I gripped it for all it was worth, because it was a sign of safety. It was a sign that all was well […]

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That Work Call

To a large degree it is a pity. It is a pity that the word ‘work’ is not as celebrated as it should be. It is a pity that more focus is given to leisure and pastime activities than celebrating work. It is an understandable pity. After all, for a number of people  they are […]

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A Call To Be

There was no question with God as there was for the agonising Hamlet. There was the call to be. As the culmination of His creation reflecting Him in all He was. His first call to humanity was to be fruitful. Being fruitful in a very real way was continuing to be who He created humanity […]

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Environment for the Call

There is a reason why patience is needed. If you get it too early you will spoil it. If you get it too late you will miss it at its best. The timing is crucial. There is the context. If you get it in that place, the area won’t appreciate the blessing. Whereas if you […]

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The First Call

“Hello?” “Hello.” “Is this Mr Christopher Dryden?” “Yes, it is.” “Hello I’m calling in response to your recent job interview. We were really impressed with your responses and we would like to invite you to take on the position, would this be of interest to you?” What a call! I am not a big fan […]

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Here I Am, Send Me

If my life is better now than it was before, it is down to the grace of God. By that I mean, there’s a great kindness of God that I have experienced in life. A kindness that I still recognise to this has absolutely nothing to do with me in terms of anything I’ve done […]

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