A Word On Laughing

God has been so good to me. In any given moment there is a friend who can say something that will get me laughing. In the childhood days there were competitions between us as siblings to see who could keep a straight face and not laugh at the efforts of the others. Though I loved […]

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December Thanks #12: Strangers

He asked me if I was a sociable type. There was a friend we both knewwho definitely was a real social animal. That guy wouldn’t have a problem meeting someone and talking to them real friendly like. Me, on the other hand, that is an aspect that has not been a particular strength of mine. […]

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Wounds from a Friend

Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses. (Proverbs 27:6 NIV) There are understandable and noble sentiments in relationships. One of them is the one that says I will never hurt you. It’s said with the greatest intentions, but thinking it through carefully and realising the decisions and paths people take […]

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Fun with Friends

I admit it. Sometimes I can take life and myself too seriously. There’s an earnestness, a depth, a pondering, something more to what there is, something worth taking for much more than its face value that I feel obliged to uncover with due diligence. In all that something like fun gets derided and sidelined. I […]

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16MTP 22 – It Rubs Off On You

Do not make friends with a hot-tempered person, do not associate with one easily angered,  or you may learn their ways and get yourself ensnared. (Proverbs 22:24-25 NIV) Halfway through the 22nd chapter of Proverbs is the start of 30 Sayings of the Wise. I remember chuckling at that because if these are the sayings of […]

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