Psalm 32 – Forgiven

There is talk about needing to forgive yourself. I understand that – it can be quite something when the biggest weight of condemnation is the one you place on yourself. Yet, forgiveness is not primarily something we should be looking to do to ourselves. First and foremost the issue of forgiveness should be seen in […]

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The Choke Hold

Recently I had the privilege of sitting in on a small prayer meeting. The thing about settings where there’s a small number of people is that if those in attendance are interested it gives room for lively and engaging dialogue.  The nature of the prayer meeting gave space for people to share their prayer points, […]

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Restorative Relationships

Life is made of decisions and consequences of those decisions. Some of those decisions are really smart ones. Like having Thursdays be called Treat Night and garner the love and adoration of your children forever for ensuring that on one night of the week they get to splurge. That is a smart decision. Good things […]

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Thank God for … Forgiveness

It’s one of the most relieving truths to embrace – there is forgiveness. Years of being burdened with the issues of what happened yesterday and the day before. Fear of rejection, crumbling inside and the thought of if I could ever be accepted and loved again. Accepting His outstretched arms to embrace. Accepting His love […]

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Ten Important Prayers

Communication with God is very important. It is essential to the breathing rhythm of the follower of Jesus that as they work out the will of the Lord in their serving and living, they likewise take in what God says to them with the Spirit that inspires insight. There are a number of different prayers […]

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