To Your Faith …

There is no guarantee that people will ever hear from you again. You can send some messages out to the believers to encourage them. What would you say? One of the things that continues to impress me about the second letter of Peter is the heart of a man who wants people to remember how […]

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The Plant: Fragile to Flourish

There it is. The first signs of growth. Bursting through the soil reaching tentatively to the sun. There are so many factors going against it. What if there are is an adverse climate? What if the surroundings are made hostile? Perhaps a rodent or pest may trample it down before it ever has a chance […]

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Talk About The Committed Few

I salute and applaud the committed few. When certain initiatives begin with the hype and excitement it can draw a crowd. People get caught up with promises of great benefits if they subscribe, participate and contribute. That all sounds good at the start. There’s also the appeal because there’s a crowd, so it must be […]

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Journeyman Journal – Faithful

One of the best examples of being faithful comes back to remind me about key things about what that concept is and what it is not. Being faithful is not blind complicity and subsequent conformity. She was getting victimised and bullied in church. This woman, still married and with her brood of children was being […]

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