Staying On The Scent

I love me some Columbo. I think he’s one of the best fictional detectives ever. So there’s this episode that features a professor getting killed remotely by two of his students and the two students look to be as ‘helpful’ as they can in the investigation with the Lieutenant. It’s fair to say they look […]

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The Standard

Jesus is the Standard. Well duh, you might think. That’s, like, so obvious. Of course he’s the standard, it’s not going to be anyone else is it? Funny I should ask that on your behalf. Recently I was doing a test for … ahhhh well that would be telling, it was just a test in […]

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Why Songs Can Help

There is a genuine struggle at times going on in the inside of me to keep it together. Lurching into cynicism or despair can sometimes be an appealing option. Reading things, seeing things, hearing things, observing things and it can all get a bit depressing. Questions arise as to whether it’s worth it. Are things […]

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Foundations: Rock or Sand

So He ends His teaching. His outline of the life that is pleasing to the Father. He is very clear. It’s one thing for people to hear what He said, it’s another thing to follow what He said. Following what He said reflects life built on one foundation. Not following what He said reflects life […]

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Observe, Absorb, Habituate

Sure there’s plenty to give an update about with what happened in 2017 and hopes for 2018 and all that jazz, I’m sure there’s a place for all of that. That’s not here, though. What is here, however, is something that gripped my interest of late. You should be able to tell what it is […]

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Measuring Success

Just some questions buzzing round my head. Is it right as a follower of Jesus to consider the concept of ‘success’? If so, what is the disciple’s definition of success? How can it be measured? Is it fair for it to be measured as other non-Christian projects are measured? Is it possible that we may […]

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