Before We Begin

The story often begins with the phrase, ‘Once upon a time’. That’s how it begins, but if we pay attention there was something before that point. It’s where we started the story, but that’s not always where the story starts. Sometimes in digging around, there’s a fascinating lead up to the story we know. For […]

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Not Too Far To Go

The journey. Sometimes it feels fresh and revitalised. You might have come across something about Jesus that has a profound impact on your life. That initial approach to life is almost wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. What can you do applying this new insight into Jesus? How will it go when you do so? All those marvelled […]

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Thanks, Learn and Rejoice

After all he did to you, how are you still able to talk to him? How are you even able to talk well about him to others? You had every right to be bitter. It would at least be understandable if you mentioned his name with a painful twinge. Others have told us about the […]

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Did We Agree?

Maybe for two months, there’s been a saying of the scripture that has been buzzing around my head. Amos is a man called to speak what God tells him on a matter of dispute with his people. In one contention that God brings about He starts off with a few rhetorical questions. All these questions […]

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Lighthouse and Light Home

The writing that takes place here can come from various points. Sometimes they come from a thought I have on the day. Sometimes they come from something I heard or read. Sometimes they come from an experience I’ve had. Sometimes it comes from an experience I’ve observed. There are other ways in which these pieces […]

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From Shades Of Night

You know what it’s like to hit the depths. I remember coming across a song about being lifted up. The writer talks of a state where shame and guilt was completely overwhelming. That was compounded by being in a society where you’re an outcast if there’s any sign of failure. Under such pressures, the darkness […]

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