Brighter Shines The Light

Recently I had another profound appreciation that in the depths of my low feelings brighter shines the light. I don’t recognise it all the time. The lows I get sometimes can really be debilitating. It can be a struggle to pray or to engage meaningfully even with my dearest and dearest. There are certain symptoms […]

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From Shades Of Night

You know what it’s like to hit the depths. I remember coming across a song about being lifted up. The writer talks of a state where shame and guilt was completely overwhelming. That was compounded by being in a society where you’re an outcast if there’s any sign of failure. Under such pressures, the darkness […]

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The First Call

“Hello?” “Hello.” “Is this Mr Christopher Dryden?” “Yes, it is.” “Hello I’m calling in response to your recent job interview. We were really impressed with your responses and we would like to invite you to take on the position, would this be of interest to you?” What a call! I am not a big fan […]

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What often triggers it is a visit to the school. There they all are in their uniform, diverse in shape, size, features and ethnicity though they are, they are all in a uniform and are expected to abide by the principles of the school. In itself there’s not too much disturbing about that even if […]

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Out of the Darkness

When the service was over, the guy next to me was interested in how I’d made notes of the sermon.  He politely asked to see them.  I had no problem sharing them. This was the basis for a conversation about my own journey in coming to Christ. What I enjoy about my story is that […]

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Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is – Darkness and Light

Between 2006 and 2009 I was relatively active in aspects of community life in areas of Stoke-on-Trent. The church fellowship to which I played a role in various aspects of community life whether supporting city-wide carnivals, running community centres, supporting community initiatives, running training sessions for the disadvantaged, assisting with luncheon clubs for the elderly, […]

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