Gathering For A Change

Consider this scenario: It’s a Monday evening and you receive a phone call from a close friend (let’s call her Sarah). They inform you that a mutual friend of yours (let’s call him, John) is about to leave the country and you’re unlikely to see that person for a long time. So you and Sarah […]

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Another Word On Time

I take it for granted that I was born on Monday 21st November 1977. I take it for granted because I don’t see any reason to interrogate that and consider things any differently. Likewise as I write this blog the time on the bottom right corner of this laptop informs me both of the 24 […]

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Reading It Together

I love reading scripture with others. Whether they are outstanding orators and dramatists or those struggling in their reading. I love it because through it – just the reading of it – I get so much more than just reading it by myself. There’s something to be said for giving that a go as a […]

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Basics In Place

I remember a brief exchange I had with King Arthur Sido. In it I was buzzed up with some article about church planting and that kind of thing. In essence King Arthur’s response was that it was more important to be about the business of sharing the gospel and making disciples as Jesus taught than […]

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