More Jesus Questions

I was just having a look at some of the things I wrote five years ago. There was this piece I put together about some Jesus questions. It was interesting reading some of the questions that I had at the time and what the five years have done in helping me work through some of […]

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That’s Fresh

It was miraculous. There was this wedding reception that I had the privilege of attending. It was a truly miraculous reception. Historically I have attended the ones where those giving speeches don’t understand the concept of time and go awkwardly beyond the point of being humorous to seriously testing the capacity to wait. This particular […]

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Platforms and Pedestals

Some of us have been reading what Paul wrote to Titus about setting things straight in the church in Crete. Recently we came across this clear instruction to Titus. In the same way, encourage the young men to live wisely. And you yourself must be an example to them by doing good works of every kind. […]

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Critically Cracked

Cars. I am reliably informed that they operate best when the tyres are in good condition. A friend of mine shared how in driving on one occasion he was informed that three of the tyres of the vehicle were critically cracked. Despite that he was able to drive on for a while, until someone else […]

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Organised at the Heart

My friend and I enjoy talking about the Playmaker. The game goes well when things are organised and each part is playing as they should. Sometimes there are parts that are struggling, but the organiser – the Playmaker knows just how to motivate and support the part. Though different games are played, with different opponents […]

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Make An Informed Choice?

Do we even have the desire to spend the time exploring what is needed to be properly informed? What am I talking about? First of all, you need to know this question emerged from another great conversation I had with a very dearly loved friend. There’s a place that we meet on a fairly regular […]

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Prayer, People and Persistence

It’s weird when I think about. There’s really nothing about me that would make me someone who is naturally inclined to enjoy prayer meetings. Growing up in a church background I genuinely found prayer and prayer meetings to be among the most boring parts of the Christian practices to which I was exposed. I remember […]

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