Keeping a Brother

Cain was expected to look after his brother and killed him. Killed him out of anger, killed him out of jealousy, killed him through ignoring the call of God to deal with his own issues rather than taking it out on his brother. Whatever you think of the historicity of the episode in scripture, there […]

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Psalm 133 – Brothers United

It is a beautiful thing to see. Brothers together in harmony.  I love it when I see it. Brothers in a band making beautiful music that blesses others because they compliment each other so well. Brothers in a football team playing for each other as much without possession as with it, spurring each other onto […]

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I can’t empathise the plight of being a woman. The journey of understanding the female gender I quickly understood has to be taken with one female at a time. Even that journey is … fascinating and subject to change. It doesn’t make matters easy with men. After all, as we know, people are just weird. […]

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