Acceptance: A Challenge

Jesus says some really interesting things. Come to me, I will give you rest, take my yolk, learn of me, my yolk is easy and my burden is light. Whoever comes to me, I will never cast out. These and other sayings and experiences in the ministry of Jesus makes it clear that He is […]

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Acceptance and Disagreement

Belonging. There’s a World Cup going on, apparently. England are doing well, so I’ve heard. People have spoken and written about how the success of a country in a sporting event brings the nation together. The team does well, especially when they weren’t expected to do as well, and the sense of pride and belonging […]

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Those Left Out Can Fit Right In

There are particular episodes of scripture that retain a massive interest from me. The healing of the man born blind as recorded in the gospel according to John is one of those episodes. There are many elements of the episode to appreciate as you come to it. There’s the question of the disciples wondering who […]

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I Am His: Statement of Purpose

It makes things a lot easier to know what the purpose of life is. Being assured of that from the earliest part of life saves heartache and grief later. So when we embrace what it is to belong to God, questions of purpose turn into commitment to life lived for the purpose of highlighting who […]

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Appatently since he was 15 all he ever knew was drugs and drink. He had gone through a wide range of drugs and at one time or another had kicked the habit. But the drink always remained. It was his constant. When things got wirsevand he got involved in some traumatic events, he went to […]

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QOI: Which Church Do You Go To?

Don’t get me wrong. I love belonging. I don’t often feel I belong.  Most of the time I feel a lot of a misfit.  Whether because of me gender (true story, folks), me ethnicity (maybe it is cos I is black), me deep approach to living and other internal foibles it has always been difficult […]

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