Rubi-con and Dancing Mackerel

The other day I was out with a friend and while we were walking I noticed this advert. Now I’m not in the business of advertising products and I’m glad this ain’t the BBC or I’m sure I’d be censured for bringing this up. Anyway I took a careful look at what the key line […]

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Beauty and the Gospel

This man is Pip Wilson. He’s a hombre highly regard in YMCA circles and has been doing training to people on the edge for ages. He is of the belief that he is beautiful and so are you. He’ll go as far as to say so on a stage. Which is cool. To enter into […]

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Books and Darts

Read a really interesting article by Tim Challies on reading. Reminded me of some things I can take into consideration when looking at the books issue. I want to take this advice on board and find a time to get more books! Oh and as well as that you may remember my little celebration of […]

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Songs from Yesterday

Back in the day this would be a Thank God For … article, but I can’t be bothered tonight. Tonight is the Sabbath evening and I’ve got back from a prayer meeting that was excellent, exhilarating and ultimately exhausting. I have to confess sometimes in my tiredness I can be somewhat irritable, so it took […]

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Songs from my Father

I actually love writing. Unlike the painter/artist who finds their delight with a canvas or piece of paper and crayons, paint brushes or whatever, I get my thrills from expressing my thoughts on paper in the written word. When I think about it on a roll there are so many thoughts actually worth writing that […]

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Da Nu Man CD (kinda)

I don’t hate my image, as in the photo you see at the side when you access the blog, but I have for a while considered a change. My friend recently took this photo of me and it was just right. I don’t know how to change the photo from the image that it’s on […]

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