There is a fine line between complacency and contentment. The line is not so fine between discontent and contentment. Even rich people never appear to be content, but there’s something about doing good and being satisfied with what you have. Seeing the riches in the blessings around you from health and provision to having good […]

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The Terror By Day

If I didn’t post a blog entry I think I’d explode. The more I think of it, the more I know the word is a crucial part of my make-up. Word-read, word-seen, word-taught and word-written are an integral part of who I am in the same way that images and capturing them is crucial to […]

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Not So Seeker-Sensitive After All

I’m not ruling out the possibility of some of my colleagues having a point on their perspective when it comes to this issue. I just want to know how they can genuinely respond to the biblically based views reflected in this video. I’m really interested because I want to be faithful rather than just follow […]

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Count to Ten

Just mention this one thing and it riles you up big time and you look foolish. Beyond the taunts there is the truth – if what is being said is not true, there’s no need to get upset. If it is true then there’s a matter of taking the necessary steps to address the situation […]

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