Quick Weekend Note

The teaching today worked out alright. What I enjoy most about the opportunity to teach is the creativity it calls for from me in making connections to some of the key points. It’s a conversational approach to the teaching ensuring that within it people are engaging with the material. It’s not always easy to discern […]

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Whatever You Do Give It Your All

In 1966 England won the football World Cup. According to the autobiography of Sir Bobby Charlton, one of the key characters in the success, one of the reasons for their success was the approach the players to give everything even in training. This determination to give 100% brings its rewards – people are not attracted […]

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Today (Thursday) I came across a valuable lesson of God in appreciating things from a different perspective – through re-evaluations. My dear friend Steve Wood is a Liverpool fan. You will be aware that I too support Liverpool, but this brother really does worship Liverpool Football Club. I am but an amateur in comparison to […]

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Take A Load Off

One of the ways that helps in enjoying life and making the most of it is in taking a load off. Whether that’s through sport, a trip to the hairdressers or even shopping it’s good to have an outlet to release the tension that often builds through the day. When these only provide escapism without […]

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That’s A Wrap

So today was a packed, packed, packed day. Community Cohesion Day featuring pupils from Mitchell High School. Engaging with them at a lunch held at NORSACA where I got to appreciate a lot more what it was to be organised and what it is not to be organised. Then off to a partnership meeting with […]

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Cheering You On

When whatever could go wrong has gone wrong; the pressures of the future and baggage from the past are a heavy burden; this is where cheerleaders come in handy. No, not necessarily a group of teenagers with pom-poms doing the splits then creating human pyramids, but someone who comes alongside you, giving you the space […]

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