Celebrating Success Together

I don’t usually endeavour to be ambitious in a blog entry, my process is to write it in a word document and try to keep it to a page. Sometimes I go over, sometimes I go way over, but often I stick to the target. In this case though I am deliberately trying something audacious […]

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Grace Expressions: A Lovely Day

This blog has been banging on about this, that and the other of late and I just wanted to use this entry to express my gratitude to God for life. This morning I was part of a prayer meeting that looked at Jesus’ manifesto announcement in Luke 4 then his subsequent reminder to John the […]

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It’s All About The People

I was watching a faithful biblically accurate movie version of the book of Acts. I love the way the producers and filmmakers have turned out something that I can follow in the scripture and see presented. It’s one thing to have an audio version of scripture, but to watch it and follow along gives different […]

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Grace Expressions

I’m sure I’ve written about grace before. I think it was back in the early days of blogging when it more splurging than any sense of continuity in writing. I know I’ve read the book by Philip Yancey wondering what’s so amazing about it, but I don’t remember much about the book. Might have to […]

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