Peace And Quiet Over Beans On Toast

Wisdom keeps saying it’s not about what we have materially but what we have inside that makes the difference. Seriously, consider what it would be to have the money, the cars, the homes, the sex – everything and yet still deal with tension and unease from without and within. Contrast that with someone content with […]

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Listen and Accept Good Advice

There’s nothing you can tell me. I know it all. Who are you to talk to me? Do you know who you’re talking to? We don’t always say it but actions and sentiments reflect this independent attitude. Great people over time, for all of their strength of character, have been successful because of their ability […]

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Just A Man

Rich man, poor man, black man, white man, educated man, uneducated man, good man, bad man, funny man, serious man, healthy man, sick man. There are many titles we use before acknowledging someone’s humanity. Sometimes we use these titles to justify our behaviour towards them. Failure to treat people on the basis of their simple […]

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There is a fine line between complacency and contentment. The line is not so fine between discontent and contentment. Even rich people never appear to be content, but there’s something about doing good and being satisfied with what you have. Seeing the riches in the blessings around you from health and provision to having good […]

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