Will He Find Faith?

I could have left the blogging to that this evening, but there was a bugging issue that I made a note of, that I thought would be well leaving as a note on a blog like this. You ever have those times when you’re reading a scripture and you’re asking the question, ‘Why is God […]

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Getting To Know Me Part 1

Someone called me a friend in an email I read recently. Yeah, honestly, me – a friend. I was surprised too. So this was one of those emails that ask loads of questions about things to find out about you. At first I was going to reply to the email … then I thought, nah. […]

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For A Certainty

Check the time. Yeah, odd isn’t it. Most of the blogging is done either first thing in the morning or near the last thing at night so what’s this lunchtime post. Well I had a thought that I was compelled to write down after reading again. So there. One of the best and worst things […]

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