A Brief Blast From The Past

I recently heard about Twitter, but cannot yet get myself involved in something that sounds so silly – as in the name, not necessarily the concept – and in any case this blog offers a better chance to say something short and snappy and then knowing me I can get a bit long and winding. […]

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Comeback Kid Comes Back Again

Yeah, I feel bad that I’ve neglected this here blog for the best part of a month – it’s just not good enough following my desire to blog properly more often. Yet I know I am forgiven and the Lord truly does not want me to live in condemnation I’ll apply the godly sorrow principle […]

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MSM Training Day 03

So Sunday was yesterday and it was a good day to end the weekend. In the morning we focussed on evangelism and looked at it in the wider sense of various approaches to reaching people and some underlying concepts of why we do what we do in both serving and saying. Based on the man […]

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MSM Training Day 02

We’ve had the session I’ve looked to most during the weekend on discipleship. It was broken up in three parts, the first aspect looking at the importance of discipleship, the second looking at the vision and values of discipleship and ending with ways and means to apply it in Fresh Expressions. It was a really […]

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MSM Training Day 01

So here I am live in the Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick. It’s after 10pm and I’m just settling down after the first session of the Mission Shaped Ministry weekend. I arrived after 4pm as I was graciously driven to the destination by course leader and good friend Gordon Crowther. The MSM course is something […]

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Da World Of Sport With Da Man CD

Dear Liverpool – Please Relieve Rafa of his Responsibilities That’s just about it. Liverpool dumped out of the Cup at home by a team with the worst away record in the Championship. Once upon a time a result like that would cost a manager his job eventually. It’s not as though it’s his first season […]

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