Things Could Change

My work colleague made me laugh. We were conversing about how we could do anything. Just not do it well. So anyone really can be a singer – that doesn’t mean they will sing well. Anyone can be a chef, but that doesn’t mean you’re in for a great cuisine experience. Anyone can build a […]

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Agent or Agitant for Change

(Yes there is a word in the dictionary – according to Oxford’s – called agitant! So there Mr Squiggly Line Under The Word.) Like a fair few people, I’m a big fan of avoiding confrontation – it can agitate people. One or two people who have observed me on occasion have noted my tendency towards […]

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Gathering For A Change

Consider this scenario: It’s a Monday evening and you receive a phone call from a close friend (let’s call her Sarah). They inform you that a mutual friend of yours (let’s call him, John) is about to leave the country and you’re unlikely to see that person for a long time. So you and Sarah […]

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Why Songs Can Help

There is a genuine struggle at times going on in the inside of me to keep it together. Lurching into cynicism or despair can sometimes be an appealing option. Reading things, seeing things, hearing things, observing things and it can all get a bit depressing. Questions arise as to whether it’s worth it. Are things […]

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Gloriously Triumphant

When you’ve been oppressed by the superpower of the day. When they have taken umbrage at your efforts for liberation and sent their mighty forces to bring you back in. When all of this is upon you, it’s understandable that you can feel a little anxious. When you’ve been oppressed by financial and mental pressures […]

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The creation account in Genesis still fascinates me. It’s such an intriguing piece. There’s that bit in the recounting of the making man, formed out of the dust. Then with a breath into the nostrils he becomes a living creature. It’s just the image of a lifeless dust form animated by the breath of life […]

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