Connect and Complement

There is this thing that you do. You enjoy it. There is another thing that you do. You enjoy that too. What do you do? Can you do both of them? Sounds like a silly question, but it’s worth taking a step back and acknowledge that in some way you connect with what you enjoy […]

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Whose Terms and Conditions?

It’s quite something to recognise the size of the issue of sin. Recognising the loving heavenly Father and knowing we are made in His image and then seeing how we rebel against that with the dire consequences that we see now as well as what it is to come. Seeing that rebellion in the small […]

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A Tale of a Devoted Servant

He had served his master for many years. Their relationship was distinct in the sense that the master treated him like a son. He was looked after very well and never mistreated. Indeed where others around him used to be considered sub-human, his master highly esteemed his welfare and that of his family. The master […]

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Looking Up to a Brighter View

Serving is a matter of perspective. There is serving from a position of being the expert. You are the know-it-all. It is the privilege of others to be served by you.  You say you’re serving us, but really it’s all about you. There is serving from a position to look up at how the one […]

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You Hear It You Do It

Jesus tells a story. In it a father has two sons. He tells them both to go do something. The first son says he will, but then doesn’t. The second son at first says he won’t do it but then goes on to do it Jesus then outlines to those listening that there are some […]

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Service Dynamics

Have you ever wondered about people who supposed to serve you? Have you ever thought about those who are supposed to represent you? Have you ever considered the ones who are supposed to be there on your behalf for the best of your welfare? By that, I mean, the thinking surely is that you are […]

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Where You First See Service

The first thing that comes to my mind is the dinner table. Later on I found out that certain families had the table set up where the food would be in different bowls and plates and it was for family members to share out what portion they wanted, or for someone to actively there and […]

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