Revealed: He Can Be Known

There are two types to look out for. The observer and the conversationalist. The first is the classic silent observer. She doesn’t talk that much in the gatherings, but you can tell she is engaged. She picks up everything that’s going on. She discerns clearly both what is going on and the states of all […]

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Growing In Love

Our family is privileged to live in a house which has a fairly spacious lounge area. There are a few sofas and it get really cosy and snug even though it’s spacious. I love spending time there with my children and my wife. Sometimes I love it when it’s just my wife and I. Recently […]

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Jesus, I Come

There is something so beautiful about being with those who love Jesus. Recently I had the great privilege of sitting with a few folks who love following Jesus. They’re down to earth, honest folks. They are not into Christianese, they don’t follow many of the traditional church conventions of practice, because they’re honest types. (I’ll […]

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Keeping in Touch

Contact. My Dad was never the most physically affectionate of people. It’s not a criticism – I don’t think there’s a law that suggests all loving people must express themselves in physically affectionate ways. I did grow up, however, to appreciate expressions of physical affection. In any case, although he wasn’t a physically affectionate type, […]

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Taking Relationships Seriously

I still forget sometimes how easy it can be to upset people. Something I take for granted in overlooking, someone else gets offended at. This is not about me justifying my actions or suggesting others are too sensitive.  It’s a reflection on my behaviour and the impact it can have on others. Yep, I should […]

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