Something About A New Song

Hundreds and thousands have filled the auditorium. There is not a spare seat in the house. There is an excitement in the air as the audience awaits the main act. Many will tell you it was an evening they would never forget. They were especially moved when that song was played. They knew the words […]

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Acceptance and Disagreement

Belonging. There’s a World Cup going on, apparently. England are doing well, so I’ve heard. People have spoken and written about how the success of a country in a sporting event brings the nation together. The team does well, especially when they weren’t expected to do as well, and the sense of pride and belonging […]

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He’s Got Just The Person

One of the things I find remarkable about life is how at times of challenge and tumult, the right person can emerge to help out. That person won’t be there all the time, indeed they could be on the scene for a few moments or an otherwise short period of time. Yet their presence and […]

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Relationships: A Dance

It’s like a dance. Just a dance with a little bit of a difference. You are there. You have your issues, your little irritations, your reasons to grin. You want to be treated in such a way that will make you comfortable. You are wary of being taken for granted, or being taken for a […]

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A Different View On Poverty

This post is in no way designed to demean the plight of those suffering from the material definition of poverty. It is not a pleasant scenario being strapped for cash. When you have cultivated a way of life within limited means and even those resources get short, it can be very difficult indeed. I have […]

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Holding On

I remember holding on tightly. Not that it hurt him particularly, because this five year-old’s grip on the man’s hand was hardly going to leave a massive impression. I gripped it though. I gripped it for all it was worth, because it was a sign of safety. It was a sign that all was well […]

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The Call to Giving As Living

It is one of the smartest things I’ve witnessed. Often in my life I’m very much aware that it is only me. Nobody else is me and nobody else has lived my life and is living my life. Following that route, it’s also a reality that there are things that concern me that I feel […]

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