A Simple Story

Deep and profound, complex and multi-layered. Full of intrigue and mystical in places. Making you scratch your head and think, making you reflect on action and see just how things are. Some people look for that in their stories and that has its place. There is something, however, to be said about the simple story. […]

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Finding A Rule That’s Right

I love a good political thriller. The intrigue, the ambition, the aspiration, the connections, the soaring hopes, the corrupting, the demise, the mess and in some cases the lessons to learn that might point to some sort of redemption. Might. A lot of the political thrillers I come across don’t tend to have much in […]

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Into The Darkness You Shine

His story really fascinated me. The same place that he was convinced he would never go near, was the very place he was sent. The journey to get there was fascinating too. When people had talked about visiting people in prisons, he had said that it was definitely not his thing. Although he was hugely […]

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What The Redeemed Have To Say

Redeemed. I love it. There’s a hymn of the same title and it’s the epitome of the term ‘uplifting’. It’s a waltz kind of tune that I can literally imagine a little child being swung up by a parent and the child giggling at the fun of it. Even as the last line of the […]

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