Into The Darkness You Shine

His story really fascinated me. The same place that he was convinced he would never go near, was the very place he was sent. The journey to get there was fascinating too. When people had talked about visiting people in prisons, he had said that it was definitely not his thing. Although he was hugely […]

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What The Redeemed Have To Say

Redeemed. I love it. There’s a hymn of the same title and it’s the epitome of the term ‘uplifting’. It’s a waltz kind of tune that I can literally imagine a little child being swung up by a parent and the child giggling at the fun of it. Even as the last line of the […]

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Themes I Love: Redemption

The thing about redemption is that it screams out “there is hope!” Even in the worst situations where hope appears lost, the story of redemption says it’s worth holding out for hope. The theme of redemption is particularly something that means a lot to me. There are so many episodes in my life where I […]

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