Fly Away

What a wonderful thing the mind is. There are certain settings you can find yourself in where external circumstances can be disturbing. If your mind dwells on those circumstances and then begins to process it, you can find yourself in some bad places. This is what makes the mind so fascinating. There is the capacity […]

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Looking Up to a Brighter View

Serving is a matter of perspective. There is serving from a position of being the expert. You are the know-it-all. It is the privilege of others to be served by you.  You say you’re serving us, but really it’s all about you. There is serving from a position to look up at how the one […]

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Checking The Scene

Good news, I’ve got back into chess. My relationship with chess goes in peaks and troughs. There are times of avid interest and regular play and longer periods of inactivity. It’s no big deal because chess is not my life, but it is a good game to play on occasion. One of the reasons I […]

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About The Adulation

There was this programme on. OK, by saying that, I remember back in the 20th Century it was literally the case that because of the limited options on offer, it really would be the case that there would be this programme on. There wouldn’t be any doubt about that programme, you would know what the […]

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About Blaming Circumstances 

Words.  They open and they close. They illuminate and they conceal. They console and they provoke. Their effect on the attitudes,  behaviour and condition of people cannot be underestimated.  Something happens. The words we use describe a picture and a narrative that we buy into. That narrative can do much to see how we will […]

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