It’s The Presence of Key People

“I love you all.” I hear that from time to time. Thankfully not from me, but when I hear it, I always have a quizzical look on my face. Especially when the ‘all’ in question involve people they could not possibly know. That sentiment appears so cheap and meaningless. It’s a waste of precious words. […]

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As The Story Goes …

“That’s not how the story goes, Daddy. Tell them what happened. Tell them the story for real, Daddy.” It was one of those occasions where I couldn’t quite muster up the energy to go through the situation as I had done on umpteen occasions previously. I had delivered a half-hearted and somewhat pathetic recounting of […]

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Seeing Something No One Else Sees

Sandra sat at the table with the same people she had sat with on many occasions previously. She knew the drill. The chair would go through the minutes of the last meeting, two people would point out some discrepancies in what was recorded, a brief argument would take place resolved by a vote to accept […]

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He’s Got Just The Person

One of the things I find remarkable about life is how at times of challenge and tumult, the right person can emerge to help out. That person won’t be there all the time, indeed they could be on the scene for a few moments or an otherwise short period of time. Yet their presence and […]

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