About Watching and Waiting

There is urgency, but there’s no rush. It’s important and exactly because it’s important this is why hurrying on the matter would be counterproductive. Often it doesn’t seem as though anything is happening and when that is the case over a period of time the feeling of frustration can settle in. Then that frustration can […]

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Environment for the Call

There is a reason why patience is needed. If you get it too early you will spoil it. If you get it too late you will miss it at its best. The timing is crucial. There is the context. If you get it in that place, the area won’t appreciate the blessing. Whereas if you […]

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Keep Knocking

There’s something that’s been intriguing me about something Jesus says. I tell you this—though he won’t do it for friendship’s sake, if you keep knocking long enough, he will get up and give you whatever you need because of your shameless persistence. (Luke 11:8) The thing that’s been bugging me is Jesus’ encouragement to keep […]

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That’s Fresh

It was miraculous. There was this wedding reception that I had the privilege of attending. It was a truly miraculous reception. Historically I have attended the ones where those giving speeches don’t understand the concept of time and go awkwardly beyond the point of being humorous to seriously testing the capacity to wait. This particular […]

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Discernment and Waiting

I applaud God’s creative genius. I have not met a fraction of a percentage of the members of humanity on the planet. Yet with those that I have come across and engaged with the diversity of personalities, characters, abilities and skills has left me thinking what a wonderful creator God truly is. It’s all the […]

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Patience – A Priceless Gift

People have been patient with me. Not everyone, obviously. Some just did not have the time to wait for me to get it. Some were frustrated that as they saw it, someone like me should have already been behaving and operating at the standard. I was not, though. Part of that was ongoing struggles with […]

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