Patience – A Priceless Gift

People have been patient with me. Not everyone, obviously. Some just did not have the time to wait for me to get it. Some were frustrated that as they saw it, someone like me should have already been behaving and operating at the standard. I was not, though. Part of that was ongoing struggles with […]

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Psalm 27 – How To Wait 

Waiting. Circumstances can determine how you wait. If the situation is pressing, there may be something of the urgent that makes waiting very difficult. How often we need to let God know what time it is and how He needs to be quick. This Psalm is great for helping with waiting. This reminds us that […]

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Playing the Waiting Game

Do you know how to play to win the waiting game? When I was a child, along with my two siblings, there were times where we had the ‘joy’ of accompanying my parents to one of the homes of their friends. Their friends didn’t have children our age. This was the time before electronic devices […]

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Let Relationships Develop 

If I had a penny for every time I have been informed how we live in a microwave society looking for the quick fix, I would be rich enough to buy quite a number of microwaves.  I am sure there’s a degree of truth to it, but it’s advanced as though things were so much […]

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