Basics In Place

I remember a brief exchange I had with King Arthur Sido. In it I was buzzed up with some article about church planting and that kind of thing. In essence King Arthur’s response was that it was more important to be about the business of sharing the gospel and making disciples as Jesus taught than […]

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My name is Christopher Dryden. I am a missionary from and for the Kingdom of God. Jesus hardly spoke about anything else. His entire life was about the mission – He was very clear about it.. He declared it, He demonstrated it. His call was for anyone following Him to also be about the mission […]

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My name is Christopher Dryden. I am a member of the family of God which is also the Body of Christ. There was a song we used to sing in the church that spoke of how glad we were to belong to the family of God. It was a beautiful song and would get the […]

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