No Turning Back

If only she didn’t turn back. The instructions were clear. We were told to leave. Leave as soon as possible because there was a major development taking place in the city and if we stayed we would be swept up in it and would not survive. I was very clear to my daughters and my […]

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What Shape Are You In?

It was a really good conversation which as ever was based on a really good question. “What are you going to do now?” The question was coming from a great place, because it came from those who had a great deal of love and respect. It was not to gain ammunition for gossip. It was […]

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Get Into Shape

I’m not fat. OK, I don’t think I’m fat. That’s an issue because my loved ones have certainly noticed something of a paunch developing around my tummy area. My daughters have been really sympathetic about it … Well, by sympathy, I’m referring to them not letting the issue get them down. Well, by not letting […]

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Focus On The Light To Lead The Way

Stumbling and fumbling and bumbling around. Not having a clue what to do, not having a clue where I’m going, not having a clue about anything except for the apparent need to do something or else I’m not really alive. For all that, though, it’s still just stumbling and fumbling and bumbling. Anything good or […]

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