Resist By Focusing – Part 1

I appeared to have taken the suggestion too far. Surely there was no need to behave like this. It was not to the neglect of those around me, indeed it helped tremendously to converse with them. What it did do, however, was give what appeared to be a tunnel vision. I wasn’t carrying on the […]

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The Standard

Jesus is the Standard. Well duh, you might think. That’s, like, so obvious. Of course he’s the standard, it’s not going to be anyone else is it? Funny I should ask that on your behalf. Recently I was doing a test for … ahhhh well that would be telling, it was just a test in […]

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Streams … for Refreshing

There’s a taste I get in my mouth sometimes. Especially when I wake up having had a nap or been asleep. It’s not a pleasant taste in the mouth. So I’ve really appreciated the freshness of my breath when I brush my teeth and gargle it with water. I would even recommend some decent mouthwashes […]

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Streams … For Growth

Recently I reflected on what has informed my worldview. In my childhood I asked a lot of questions and usually those questions began with the word ‘why’. For whatever reason those I asked the questions to were somewhat uncomfortable and unsettled by those questions and looked to shuffle me off with a standard line suggesting […]

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Streams … for Restoring

Among other themes that captured my interest was the theme of streams. A group of us were considering how the theme of water is prevalent throughout scripture. There’s the connection to the Spirit that is evident and what water does in life as well is something that was highlighted and I took much encouragement from […]

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Things Could Change

My work colleague made me laugh. We were conversing about how we could do anything. Just not do it well. So anyone really can be a singer – that doesn’t mean they will sing well. Anyone can be a chef, but that doesn’t mean you’re in for a great cuisine experience. Anyone can build a […]

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Agent or Agitant for Change

(Yes there is a word in the dictionary – according to Oxford’s – called agitant! So there Mr Squiggly Line Under The Word.) Like a fair few people, I’m a big fan of avoiding confrontation – it can agitate people. One or two people who have observed me on occasion have noted my tendency towards […]

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