Place To Be Who You Are

Ah the issue of identity. Some view it through racial, gender, sexuality and physical/mental capacity perspectives. Some believe it’s something that can be sorted all by yourself. There is something about having the humility to realise that maybe not being certain on everything about your identity is good place to start. And also understanding that […]

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Producing the Goods

You put the mixture in the oven. She hires that office worker. He plants the seeds. They pay the money for the new player. All with the same desire in mind.  That desire is that the individual will produce the goods. There is a sense in which we can believe that we are put on […]

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MWTM: Reflections

There are 66 books in the Bible. That in itself should give an indication as to the nature of the Bible. It is a library. A library featuring a number of books and with that there are a number of different styles of writing in it. Even within the genres there are different ways of […]

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