How Can You Look Ahead?

That’s got to be quite a life. You’re born in a society where you and your people are oppressed as you’re strangers in a strange land. By some miraculous moves, you are finally liberated to pursue a life of your own. Only to discover a few moments later just as you reach a tough point […]

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Appetite and the Mind

There is something about the drive of anyone with great ambition. That capacity to stay focused on their objective to the cost of everything else. In some ways it’s an admirable quality. In other ways it can be rather disturbing especially when applied to wicked ends. It says a lot about their appetite that they […]

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… To The New

What keeps me going among other than is what I am going towards. It’s like no matter how many times I read or hear of being a new creation in Christ and the old passed away and the new has come and the new heavens and earth and the New Jerusalem – the newness of […]

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In Training

I look at myself sometimes and think what a lethargic, lazy slob I am. I quickly shake myself from that and get to the meat of the matter of how I am to be. This week in particular, scriptures about training have come up big time. Like this one. I read this and in line […]

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